International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Volume 13, 2018, No. 5: Physiology and Performance Research on Football (Soccer)


The Biggest Event of The Beautiful Game Is Back!
Iñigo Mujika


An Integrated, Multifactorial Approach to Periodization for Optimal Performance in Individual and Team Sports
Iñigo Mujika, Shona Halson, Louise M. Burke, Gloria Balagué, Damian Farrow


Straight-Line and Change-of-Direction Intermittent Running in Professional Soccer Players
Mohamed S. Fessi, Fayçal Farhat, Alexandre Dellal, James J. Malone, Wassim Moalla

Small-Sided Games in Elite Soccer: Does One Size Fit All?
Mathieu Lacome, Ben M. Simpson, Yannick Cholley, Philippe Lambert, Martin Buchheit

Neuromuscular Responses to Conditioned Soccer Sessions Assessed via GPS-Embedded Accelerometers: Insights Into Tactical Periodization
Martin Buchheit, Mathieu Lacome, Yannick Cholley, Ben Michael Simpson

Cryotherapy Reinvented: Application of Phase Change Material for Recovery in Elite Soccer
Tom Clifford, Will Abbott, Susan Y. Kwiecien, Glyn Howatson, Malachy P. McHugh

External Match Loads of Footballers With Cerebral Palsy: A Comparison Among Sport Classes
Javier Yanci, Daniel Castillo, Aitor Iturricastillo, Tomás Urbán, Raúl Reina

Vertical and Horizontal Jump Capacity in International Cerebral Palsy Football Players
Raúl Reina, Aitor Iturricastillo, Rafael Sabido, Maria Campayo-Piernas, Javier Yanci

The Neuromuscular Determinants of Unilateral Jump Performance in Soccer Players Are Direction-Specific
Conall F. Murtagh, Christopher Nulty, Jos Vanrenterghem, Andrew O’Boyle, Ryland Morgans, Barry Drust, Robert M. Erskine

Physiological and Physical Responses According to the Game Surface in a Soccer Simulation Protocol
Jorge López-Fernández, Javier Sánchez-Sánchez, Jorge García-Unanue, José Luis Felipe, Enrique Colino, Leonor Gallardo

Reliability, Validity, and Sensitivity of a Novel Smartphone-Based Eccentric Hamstring Strength Test in Professional Football Players
Justin W.Y. Lee, Ming-Jing Cai, Patrick S.H. Yung, Kai-Ming Chan

Relationships Between the External and Internal Training Load in Professional Soccer: What Can We Learn From Machine Learning?
Arne Jaspers, Tim Op De Beéck, Michel S. Brink, Wouter G.P. Frencken, Filip Staes, Jesse J. Davis, Werner F. Helsen

Postmatch Perceived Exertion, Feeling, and Wellness in Professional Soccer Players
Mohamed Saifeddin Fessi, Wassim Moalla

Effects of Late-Night Training on “Slow-Wave Sleep Episode” and Hour-by-Hour-Derived Nocturnal Cardiac Autonomic Activity in Female Soccer Players
Júlio A. Costa, João Brito, Fábio Y. Nakamura, Eduardo M. Oliveira, António N. Rebelo

The Trainability of Adolescent Soccer Players to Brief Periodized Complex Training
Athanasios Chatzinikolaou, Konstantinos Michaloglou, Alexandra Avloniti, Diamanda Leontsini, Chariklia K. Deli, Dimitris Vlachopoulos, Luis Gracia-Marco, Sotirios Arsenis, Ioannis Athanailidis, Dimitrios Draganidis, Athanasios Z. Jamurtas, Craig A. Williams, Ioannis G. Fatouros


Are Current Physical Match Performance Metrics in Elite Soccer Fit for Purpose or Is the Adoption of an Integrated Approach Needed?
Paul S. Bradley, Jack D. Ade


Soccer Match Play as an Important Component of the Power-Training Stimulus in Premier League Players
Ryland Morgans, Rocco Di Michele, Barry Drust

Locomotor and Heart Rate Responses of Floaters During Small-Sided Games in Elite Soccer Players: Effect of Pitch Size and Inclusion of Goalkeepers
Mathieu Lacome, Ben M. Simpson, Yannick Cholley, Martin Buchheit

Seasonal Training Load and Wellness Monitoring in a Professional Soccer Goalkeeper
James J. Malone, Arne Jaspers, Werner Helsen, Brenda Merks, Wouter G.P. Frencken, Michel S. Brink

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