International Journal of Event and Festival Management, Volume 14, 2023, Issue 2 | Repurposing and Repositioning Events: Real, Responsible and Revolutionary Futures

Guest editorial

Special issue introduction repurposing and repositioning events: real, responsible and revolutionary futures
Margarida Abreu Novais, Jane Ali-Knight, Kirsten Holmes, Leonie Lockstone-Binney, Martin Robertson, Hannah Stewart


What counts, safety and security or hygiene? Suggestions on the reopening of major events under pandemic conditions in Germany
Patricia Magdalena Schütte, Malte Schönefeld, Yannic Schulte, Frank Fiedrich

COVID-19 and the digitization of business events: how the health crisis accelerated ethical issues
Niccolò Piccioni, Costanza Nosi, Chiara Ottolenghi, Giulia Nevi

Festival hiatus, resilience and innovation during COVID-19: learnings from the Edinburgh festivals
Jane Ali-Knight, Gary Kerr, Hannah Stewart, Kirsten Holmes

Transformative service research approaches for visitor experiences in major sporting events
Effie Steriopoulos, Can-Seng Ooi

The InterACT Disability Arts Festival: creating revolutionary futures?
Trudie Walters

EXIT is an award-winning summer music festival which is held at the Petrovaradin Fortress in the city of Novi Sad, Serbia. Hippie van is symbol of music festival Exit. June 11, 2019.(Shutterstock/Nenad Nedomacki)

Protest events as institutions: stakeholder perceptions of the changing role of Serbia’s EXIT festival
Luna Đurić, James Kennell, Miroslav D. Vujičić, Igor Stamenković, Jelena Farkić

Post-pandemic intention to participate in the tourism and hospitality (T&H) events: an integrated investigation through the lens of the theory of planned behavior and perception of Covid-19
Ramzi Al Rousan, Nermin Khasawneh, Sujood null, Naseem Bano
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