International Journal of Event and Festival Management, Volume 14, 2023, Issue 1



Open Access
The sustainable transformation of business events: sociodemographic variables as determinants of attitudes towards sustainable academic conferences

José António C. Santos, Manuel Ángel Fernández-Gámez, Antonio Guevara-Plaza, Margarida Custódio Santos, Maria Helena Pestana

The festival customer experience: a conceptual framework
Jovan Velroy Fernandes, Ewa Krolikowska

Open Access
“Work it, work it non-stop” – Event industry employees’ unconscious application of the

Raphaela Stadler, Trudie Walters, Allan Stewart Jepson

Advances in event management using new technologies and mobile applications
Raquel García Revilla, Olga Martinez Moure, Carmen Sarah Einsle

The impact of COVID-19 on regional event attendees’ attitudes: a survey during and after COVID-19 lockdowns
Reyhane Hooshmand, Billy Sung, Kym Jefferies, Rob Jefferies, Joanna Lin

Charity run event in aid of a hospital in Thailand, June 15, 2019. (Shutterstock/Chaikom)

Why do self-identity and efficacy matter for enjoying participation in charity sports events? The role of the warm glow feeling
Watchara Chiengkul, Patcharaporn Mahasuweerachai, Chompoonut Suttikun

Socio-economic effects of trade fairs on host cities from a citizens’ perspective: The case of Thessaloniki, Greece
Dimitris Kourkouridis, Yannis Frangopoulos, Nikolaos Kapitsinis

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