International Journal of Event and Festival Management, Volume 10, 2019, Issue 1

Seeking and escaping in a Saudi Arabian festival
Faten Alshammari and Youn-Kyung Kim

Festival attachment: antecedents and effects on place attachment and place loyalty
Sheng-Hshiung Tsaur, Yao-Chin Wang, Chyong-Ru Liu, and Wen-Shiung Huang

Happiness as a value of event organizers in Abu Dhabi
Natasa Slak Valek and Anestis Fotiadis

The relationship between runner environmental paradigm and their motives to participate in an urban or rural marathon
Melissa Davies, Eric Hungenberg, and Thomas Aicher

A review and synthesis of environmentalism within the Olympic Movement
Anthony Gino Del Fiacco and Madeleine Orr

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