Event Management: An international journal, Volume 26, 2022, Number 6



pp. 1235-1257(23)
Myburgh, Esmarie; Kruger, Martinette

Investigating Stakeholder Salience Across The Event Management Life Cycle
pp. 1297-1313(17)
Tiew, Fidella; Holmes, Kirsten; de Bussy, Nigel

Remaking the Festival Business Model During a Pandemic
pp. 1335-1350(16)
Van Winkle, Christine M.; Kullman, Sasha

Who are the Big Spenders at a Grand Prix In a Gaming Destination?
pp. 1351-1365(15)
Vinnicombe, Thea; U Sou, Joey Pek

Knowledge Spillover at Trade Shows and Exhibitor Innovation
pp. 1381-1393(13)
Wu, Lingfei; Yu, Larry; Wang, Suosheng

Nathan Philips Square and Toronto City Hall on a beautiful summer day during the Pan American Games 2015. (Atomazul/Shutterstock)

Integrated Supply Chain Sustainability for Mega-events: An Empirical Study of Dubai Expo 2020
pp. 1409-1432(24)
Manikas, Ioannis; Sundarakani, Balan; Madmoune, Anas; Alvares, Roselyne

What Drives Event Discovery Apps User Behaviors Among Generation Z? Evidence from Macau
pp. 1433-1446(14)
Tsai, Chin-Hsun (Ken); (Joan) Su, Ching-Huia; Chan, Ho-Kai; Liu, Jin

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