Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, Volume 11, 2022, Issue 3


Sport Pyschology

The effect of implicit learning on motor performance under psychological pressure: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Cabral, Daniel A. R.; Wilson, Alan E.; Miller, Matthew W.
2/10/2022  – Volume 11, Issue 3

Conducting systematic reviews of applied interventions: A comment on Cabral et al. (2022).
Bobrownicki, Ray; Carson, Howie J.; Collins, Dave
8/1/2022  – Volume 11, Issue 3

Changes in authentic leadership over a sport season predict changes in athlete outcomes.
Malloy, Ella; Kavussanu, Maria; Yukhymenko-Lescroart, Mariya A.
7/4/2022  – Volume 11, Issue 3

A prospective study of teammate factors on athletes’ well-being, disordered eating, and compulsive exercise.
Scott, Charlotte L.; Haycraft, Emma; Plateau, Carolyn R.
4/14/2022  – Volume 11, Issue 3

Autonomy support in sport contexts: The role of parents and coaches in the promotion of athlete well-being and performance.
Lemelin, Emilie; Verner-Filion, Jérémie; Carpentier, Joëlle; Carbonneau, Noémie; Mageau, Geneviève A.
2/3/2022  – Volume 11, Issue 3

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Examining how Canadian Hockey League general managers build and sustain cultures of excellence.
Armstrong, Aaron; Bloom, Gordon A.; Lefebvre, Jordan S.; Schaefer, Lee
3/28/2022 – Volume 11, Issue 3

“Dear past me, know that you are deserving of compassion and care”: Self-compassionate writings of adolescent girls recalling weight-stigmatizing events in physical activity.
Bailey, Jade A.; Huellemann, Katarina L.; Pila, Eva
4/7/2022  – Volume 11, Issue 3

Association of latent mental health profiles of military officers with active sport participation and hedonic and eudaimonic motives for sport participation.
Kinoshita, Keita; MacIntosh, Eric; Sato, Shintaro
4/4/2022  – Volume 11, Issue 3

Personality traits of special forces operators: Comparing commandos, candidates, and controls.
Huijzer, Rik; Jeronimus, Bertus F.; Reehoorn, Anniek; Blaauw, Frank J.; Baatenburg de Jong, Maurits; de Jonge, Peter; den Hartigh, Ruud J. R.
4/21/2022  – Volume 11, Issue 3

The effects of open, do-your-best, and specific goals on commitment and cognitive performance.
Pilcher, Samantha; Schweickle, Matthew J.; Lawrence, Alex; Goddard, Scott G.; Williamson, Ollie; Vella, Stewart A.; Swann, Christian
6/30/2022  – Volume 11, Issue 3

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