Euxeinos. Governance and Culture in the Black Sea Region,12/2013. Special issue “Sochi and the 2014 Olympics: Game over?”

putin2Sochi and the 2014 Olympics: Game over?
Editorial by Martin Müller, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Display Window or Tripwire? The Sochi Winter Games, the Russian Great Power Ideal and the Legitimacy of Vladimir Putin
by Bo Petersson and Karina Vamling, Malmö University, Sweden

Tears in the Patchwork: The Sochi Olympics and the Display of a Multiethnic Nation
by Emil Persson, Lund University and Malmö University, Sweden

The 2014 Sochi Olympics and Russia’s Civil Society
by Robert W. Orttung and Sufian Zhemukhov,
The George Washington University, USA

Life On the Ground: A Comparative Analysis of Two Villages in Sochi During Olympic Transformation
by Sven Daniel Wolfe, European University at St. Petersburg, Russia

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