Sport Management Review Volume 16, Issue 3, August 2013

smr_bigHow can FIFA be held accountable?
Original Research Article Pages 255-267
Roger Pielke Jr.

The hierarchical effects of perceived quality on perceived value, satisfaction, and loyalty: Empirical results from public, outdoor aquatic centres in Australia
Original Research Article Pages 268-284
Gary Howat, Guy Assaker

Exploring sport brand double jeopardy: The link between team market share and attitudinal loyalty
Original Research Article Pages 285-297
Jason P. Doyle, Kevin Filo, Heath McDonald, Daniel C. Funk

Corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability: Why professional sport is greening the playing field
Original Research Article Pages 298-313
Sylvia Trendafilova, Kathy Babiak, Kathryn Heinze

Enhancing the benefits of professional sport philanthropy: The roles of corporate ability and communication strategies
Original Research Article Pages 314-325
Yuhei Inoue, Joseph E. Mahan III, Aubrey Kent

Exploring the experiences of female sport fans: A collaborative self-ethnography
Original Research Article Pages 326-336
Larena Hoeber, Shannon Kerwin

Institutional perspectives on the implementation of disability legislation and services for Spectators with Disabilities in European professional football
Original Research Article Pages 337-348
Juan Luis Paramio-Salcines, P.J. Kitchin

Sport governance encounters: Insights from lived experiences
Original Research Article Pages 349-363
David Shilbury, Lesley Ferkins, Liz Smythe

Sport development and physical activity promotion: An integrated model to enhance collaboration and understanding
Original Research Article Pages 364-377
Katie Rowe, David Shilbury, Lesley Ferkins, Erica Hinckson

The moral obligation to preserve heritage through sport and recreation facilities
Original Research Article Pages 378-387
Adam G. Pfleegor, Chad S. Seifried, Brian P. Soebbing

Managing a confederation of rivals
Case Study Pages 388-396
Brianna L. Newland, Matthew T. Bowers

Branding and positioning Australian rules football for participation growth in North America
Case Study Pages 397-406
Sheranne Fairley, Pamm Kellett

Critical Essays in Sport Management: Exploring and Achieving a Paradigm Shift, A. Gillentine, R.E. Baker, J. Cuneen. Holcomb Hathaway, Scottsdale, AZ (2012), ISBN: 978-1-934432-26-6
Book Review Pages 407-408
Sally Shaw

Olympic Risks, W. Jennings. Palgrave MacMillan (2012), ISBN: 978-0-230-30006-4
Book Review Pages 409-410
Betul Sekendiz

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