Communication & Sport, Vol. 12, 2024, No. 2



Communication, Disability, and Sport: The Paradox of Increasing Visibility
Marie Hardin and Andrew C. Billings

Research Articles

“They Don’t Really Care about my Results, they Prefer Selling my Life Story.” Inspirational Paralympians and Sponsorship
Yann Beldame, Helene Joncheray, Valentine Duquesne, and Rémi Richard

Open Access
Inspirational and Worthy of Charity: (Mis)Representations of Disability in Sport Media
Katherine Holland, Steven K. Holland, and Justin A. Haegele

Cross-National News Narratives of the Paralympic Games: Computational Text Analysis of the Media Coverage in the United States and South Korea
Joseph J. Yoo, Bumgi Min, and YoungHwan Koh

Open Access
Informing Future Paralympic Media Approaches: The Perspective of Canadian Paralympic Athletes
Erin Pearson and Laura Misener

Less Partisan and Less Aggressive? The Impact of Covid-19 on the Media Discourse of “El Clásico” on Spanish Radio
Rául Martínez Corcuera and Max Mauro

Exploring Emotional and Cognitive Priming Effects in Mediated Sports Using Psychophysiological Measures: How Sport Program-Induced Emotions and Ad Schema Congruity Influence Effectiveness of Advertising
Minkyo Lee and Glenna L. Read


Collegiate Student-Athletes as Health Advocates: The Role of Issue and Source Involvement in Students’ Information Processing about Binge Drinking
Sai Datta Mikkilineni, Gregory A. Cranmer, Erin Ash, and Bryan E. Denham

A Space of One’s Own? The Tensions of Being Visible on Instagram for Turkish Female Athletes
İrem Kavasoğlu, Yeliz Eratlı Şirin, and Aylin Uğurlu

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