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    “A well-written, informative and, most of all, important book”

    The title of Max Mauro’s book The Balotelli Generation: Issues of Inclusion and Belonging in Italian Football and Society (Peter Lang) refers to the Italian footballer Mario Balotelli, a target of thousands of racist slurs. The book, appreciatively reviewed by Mattias Melkersson, highlights the inclusive power of sport and the sometimes bleak reality behind the ambitions and potentials.

    Globale perspektiver på race og etnicitet i international fodbold

    David Holt Olsen har läst en brittisk antologi om fotbollens makt och vanmakt inför diskriminering på grund av etnicitet och ras, Ethnicity and Race in Association Football: Case Study Analyses in Europe, Africa and the USA sammanställd av David Hassan.
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