Call for Papers | The 5th International Congress of Exercise and Sport Sciences | The Academic College at Wingate, June 7–10, 2018. Call ends March 31, 2018

The Academic College at Wingate, in conjunction with the University of Nicosia and the Olympic Committee of Israel, is proud to host the 5th International Congress of Exercise and Sport Sciences scheduled to take place June 7-10, 2018 at the Academic College at the Wingate Institute, Netanya, Israel.

The Congress will focus on a wide range of themes related to exercise and the sport sciences, including sports management, sports psychology, Olympic education, physiology, social issues in sport, public health issues, sports pedagogy, physiology of emergency forces, social issues in sport,  and sport nutrition, among others.

The goal of the Congress is to bring together leading professionals and researchers in the field of exercise and sport sciences, in order to stimulate discussion on the latest innovations in these areas.

The Congress is held biannually to provide physical activity professionals with an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience. All interested professionals, whether individuals or associations, from around the world are encouraged to participate.

The Congress program includes sessions presenting original research, panel discussions, poster presentation, and practical workshops.

Former Congresses of Exercise and Sport Sciences at the Academic College at Wingate have been attended by over 2000 participants from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, the Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Finland, France, India, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Spain, Turkey, UK, USA, New Zealand, Germany, Holland, France, Hungary, the Ukraine, Russia and China, among others. In these exciting encounters, researchers from almost every corner of the world engaged in scientific and social dialogue over the three days of lectures, workshops, and social events. Social events include an opening banquet and a closing evening. In addition, a guided tour to a historical landmark is offered providing an opportunity for participants, especially those visiting Israel for the first time, to see the holy sites of the country.

For further information, including on abstract submission, registration, etc, visit the conference wesite.

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