Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal, Volume 8, 2018, Issue 1

Brand teams and distribution of wealth in Brazilian State Championships
Thadeu Gasparetto, Angel Barajas, and Carlos María Fernandez-Jardon

An empirical exploration of sponsorship sales in North American professional sport
Norm O’Reilly, Tim Stroebel, Michael Pfahl, and Jim Kahler

Averting a tragedy of the commons: revenue sharing and competitive balance in the NHL
Kenneth M. York and Cynthia E. Miree

Regulation by taxes or strict limits
Joel Maxcy and Pauline Milwood

Editor’s pick
Does live broadcasting reduce stadium attendance? The case of Norwegian football
Morten Kringstad, Harry Arne Solberg, and Tor Georg Jakobsen

Toward a new (evolutionary) economics of sports
Jason Potts and Stuart Thomas

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