2nd Call for Papers: Sport, media and regional identity

Conference Dates: Wednesday, 19 June 2013
Location: Chester, UK
Submission Deadlines: 1 March 2013 (Abstracts)

Symposium announcement and call for papers

Sport, media and regional identity

19 June 2013
Warrington Campus, University of Chester

The relationship between sport, the media and national identity has featured in numerous academic and political debates in recent years: in contrast, the links between sports media and regional identity have received relatively little attention. This seems a curious oversight, when one considers the centrality and cultural significance of particular sports, or clubs, to numerous regional or sub-national identities across Europe and beyond: for example, Rugby Union in the South Wales Valleys, Cycling in Flanders, Pelota in the Basque Country, Australian Rules Football in Melbourne, FC Barcelona in Catalonia, Shinty in Highland Scotland.

This one-day symposium intends to explore and develop these themes at the University of Chester’s Warrington campus, which is located in the heartland of one of the most distinctive regional sporting subcultures in Europe: the Rugby League traditions of Northern England. The symposium will celebrate these traditions alongside the 2013 Rugby League World Cup, which comes to Warrington in October 2013.

The symposium aims to take an inter-disciplinary approach to the study of both factual and fictional representations of regional identity in the sporting context. It is open to researchers from across the media and cultural studies in the broadest sense, with applications encouraged from those working in the areas of journalism, film, radio, photography, popular music, media history and popular memory. Papers focusing on international perspectives, both historical and present-day, would be particularly welcome.

Please email a 200 word abstract (stating your name, email address and institutional affiliation) to: simon.roberts@chester.ac.uk. The closing date for abstracts is 1 March 2013. There will be no registration fee for this event, but if you would like to attend without presenting a paper, please send an email to: simon.roberts@chester.ac.uk.

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