International Journal of Sport Finance Volume 8, Issue 1, February 2013

ijsf-dsOriginal Contributions

Pricing of Cricketers: The Experience of Two IPL Auctions
Ajit Karnik

American Hockey League Attendance: A Study of Fan Preferences for Fighting, Team Performance, and Promotions
Rodney J. Paul, Andrew P. Weinbach, and Daniel Robbins

TV Demand for the Tour de France: The Importance of Stage Characteristics versus Outcome Uncertainty, Patriotism, and Doping
Daam Van Reeth

Just Win Baby? Determinants of NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision Coaching Compensation
Randy R. Grant, John C. Leadley and Zenon X. Zygmont

The Relationship Between Participation in Sport and Sport Volunteering: An Economic Analysis
Peter Dawson and Paul Downward

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