Call for Papers: Special Issue of RASAALA on “Time and Sports”

RASAALA: Recreation and Society in Africa, Asia & Latin America
Special Issue on “Time and Sports”

Guest editor: Muhammad Aurang Zeb Mughal (Durham University, UK)


The concept of time is not just involved in making a distinction between work and leisure, it is equally critical and important in the performance, celebration, and representation of recreational and leisure activities. Time is related with sports in various ways. Various notions of time such as timing, temporality, tempo, and time allocation are basic to any sport activity. Recreational and leisure activities are now part of global economy and sports has become a business which involves economics as well as political dimensions of time associated with sports as an institution.

This special issue of RASAALA: Recreation and Society in Africa, Asia & Latin America (an open access, e-journal) invites papers on studying the correlation of time and sports. Some possible topics can be, but not limited to, the following aspects that we would like to include in this special issue:

  1. Issues and challenges regarding debates on time and sports
  2. Cross-cultural comparison of sports from temporal dimensions
  3. Change of timing in sports activities due to economic factors
  4. Holidays and sports festivals
  5. Seasons of sports
  6. Connection between age and typologies of sports
  7. Timing and time allocation for sports
  8. Social reproduction of time through sports
  9. The socio-economic impact of sport and recreation events

Submission Guidelines

  1. In the first instance, authors are invited to submit a 400 – 500 word abstract for consideration for the special issue. Selected authors will then be asked to produce a full paper based on their abstract for potential publication subject to a favorable review process.
  2. Electronic submissions should be sent by e-mail attachment to the guest editor at:
  3. Abstracts and papers should be sent as Microsoft Word files.
  4. Articles will be 5000-6000 words in length.
  5. For author guidelines see RASAALA website:
  6. All submissions will be anonymously/blind reviewed by two independent assessors.

Important Dates:

  • Abstract deadline: 1st July, 2013
  • Notification of acceptance of abstracts deadline: 31st August, 2013
  • Submission of full paper deadline: 15th February, 2013
  • Submission of revised papers: 15th April, 2014
  • Special issue publication:  1st August, 2014
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