Call for Papers: The MOVE Congress, Barcelona, 16–19 October 2013


An international network of speakers and delegates from a range of sectors will meet with a key common interest: to find innovative ways of engaging people in physical activity and grassroots sport worldwide.

 In providing a platform for discussion, debate and an exchange of ideas, the theme of the MOVE Congress 2013 is not just about moving, but moving forward with three interconnected concepts in mind:


Recent years of global crisis have brought about significant changes in our societies. These changes are often seen as negative ones that present obvious challenges to our economies, our lifestyles and our national or personal security. But change doesn’t just occur in times of crisis. It is an inevitable part of our lives. In response we often ask ourselves: How can we be resilient to change? But at the MOVE Congress 2013 we want to take this question a step further: How can we turn change into something positive?

This is because we do see change as something positive – an opportunity to “take a walk on the wild side” and try something new. Changes present opportunities for us to “think again” and develop innovative approaches to our own sectors, both public and private, and the ways in which we draw links between our professional partnerships, sports organisations and clubs, and our societies and economies as a whole.

The MOVE Congress 2013 welcomes speakers and delegates from communities, municipalities, organisations, universities and other sectors (health sector, from urban administrations, from the sport and fitness industry, from schools and from sport clubs) involved in promoting sport for all to participate. To set the strategic discussions and cross-sector networking into motion, the Congress will be divided into plenary sessions under the following themes: Leadership and innovations in the Global Market, the Social Economy of Sport and Innovative Partnerships.

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