Call for Papers | “Performance under pressure”, FEPSAC Congress 2024: European Congress of Sport and Exercise Psychology | Innsbruck, July 15–19, 2024. Call ends January 15, 2024

Street view in the historic city center of Innsbruck, July 29, 2021. (Shutterstock/4kclips)

FEPSAC (European Federation of Sport Psychology) is the leading organization for sport psychology in Europe and on behalf of the Division of Sport Psychology of the Professional Association of Austrian Psychologists we are incredibly pleased that we have the possibility to host the FEPSAC Congress 2024 for the first time in Innsbruck/Austria.

The Division Sport Psychology of the Professional Association of Austrian Psychologists was founded in 1998, has 228 sport psychologists (status quo: December 2020) and is a member of FEPSAC. The Division Sport Psychology is the largest association of sport psychologists in Austria and promotes the professional interests of sport and exercise sport psychologists in Austria. The focus of the Division is to increase awareness and understanding of the field of sport and exercise psychology, and the profession of sport and exercise sport psychologists. The Division provides trainings opportunities, workshops, supervision, an annual conference and presents every year the “Novice Professional Sport Psychologist Award”.

Our Division has also a great national and international network in Sport Psychology and we believe that hosting the 17th FEPSAC Congress in Innsbruck/Austria located in the heart of the Alps will be a great opportunity to promote and enhance Sport Psychology in Austria and Europe.

“Performance under Pressure” – our congress theme:

It is no wonder, that Innsbruck has had the honour of hosting the Olympic Games on three occasions. In 1964 and 1976 the international élite came together for the Winter Olympics, and the 1st Youth Olympic Winter Games 2012 was a triumph of competitive sport and joyful encounters. The Winter World Masters Games, the world‘s largest winter sports festival for top athletes and amateurs over 30, were also held here in 2020. Because of Innsbruck’s history in performance under pressure, Innsbruck would be the perfect place to discuss and present the latest research and applications from European sport psychologists on this topic.

Our vision is to promote this theme with a scientific and a practice-oriented program. We will ensure to have outstanding keynote speakers and exciting symposia, workshops, individual oral and poster presentations as well as a science and an applied slam. We have already received very positive responses from our European colleagues who we asked to be part of the scientific and applied committees. We are planning to work diligently with leading national and international sport psychology associations to promote the congress.

Because of Innsbruck`s history and tradition in professional sport we also expect media and public interest in the FEPSAC congress 2024. Furthermore, we will offer – in cooperation with our local sport organizations – an attractive social and sportive program

We are convinced we will be able to offer you an outstanding program and that the FESPAC Congress 2024 in Innsbruck/Austria will offer many lasting scientific, applied and social memories for our participants

Please visit the conference website for further information.

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