Call for Papers | “Olympic Winter Games and Legacy” | 9th International Sport Business Symposium, Chuncheon, Korea, during the XXIII. Olympic Winter Games, February 2018. Call ends April 15th, 2017

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018
Kangwon National University, Korea

The 9th International Sport Business Symposium will be organised by Prof. Holger Preuss (Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany ) in cooperation with Prof. Seok-Pyo Hong (Kangwon National University, Chuncheon, Korea). The occasion will be exciting as we will be just west of Pyeongchang during the Games.

The Olympic Winter Games is the most prestigious winter sport event in the world which provides extraordinary sporting, social, cultural and environmental opportunities for the host city, region and country. This host region must make a colossal effort to not only fulfill all IOC and IF requirements to stage the Winter Games, but also maximize the economic, social, environmental, political, and structural benefits that an Olympic Winter Games can offer. This is what the IOC Agenda 2020 demands when it expects to create Olympic Legacy. A good legacy planning for the Olympic Winter Games was often missing or not strong enough to keep cities in the bidding for the Games. Thus several referendums let to withdraws of Olympic Bids.

Hosting an Olympic Winter Games can start businesses, create new enterprises and improve upon existing city relations, promote the international image of host cities, accelerate urban redevelopment, and much more. It can enable changes, which might normally take several decades. This opportunity, however, is directly shadowed by risks and challenges during the preparation, operation, and legacy phases of the Games. Mismanagement, crowding-out, sunk costs and displacements of parts of the community are also possible effects from Olympic Games that need to be considered.

Since Turin 2006 Olympic scholars meet for a symposium during the Olympic Games and Youth Olympic Games. We like to call it symposium because symposia often were held for specific occasions, the first famous one in 416 BC. The Greek symposium was a key Hellenic social institution. It was a forum to debate, plot, boast, or simply to revel with others and that is also our intention. Olympic scholars from all over the world will gather to exchange thoughts, present their Olympic work and to spend a good time together.

However, those that would like to present at the symposium will have to submit their abstracts and will be picked through a double blind review process.

This call for abstracts is directed to researchers of all disciplines. The 9th International Sport Business Symposium calls for research papers directly related to the business of the Olympic Games; the upcoming 2018 Olympic Winter Games, as well as prior and future Olympic, Youth, and Paralympic Games. Papers about Olympic media, legacy, tourism, consumers, organizations, finance, economics, environment, Paralympics, politics and other Olympic-related topics are welcome. Everything related to Legacy and Sustainability is a key topic and in particular welcome. The official language for abstracts and the Symposium is English.

An abstract (max. 600 words) and a one page Curriculum Vitae should be submitted via e-mail:

  1. Abstract submission deadline by April 15th, 2017
  2. Confirmation of acceptance April 30th 2017
  3. Final Deadline by May 30th 2017
  4. Confirmation of acceptance June 30th 2017

All abstracts have to be sent to Dr. Holger Preuss, E-mail:

There will be a double blind review process of the abstracts. Acceptance will be announced as soon as possible to allow you to book flights early. Abstracts or any full papers sent via electronic mail by January 15th, 2018 will appear in the official Symposium Proceedings. This time there also is a possibility submit full papers to a special issue in Journal of Global Sport Management. Information will follow.

We look forward to receiving your abstract and seeing you in Pyeongchang. With kind regards,

  • Prof. Dr. Holger Preuss, Professor, University of Mainz
  • Prof. Dr. Seok-Pyo Hong, Professor, Kangwon National University

The 9th  International Sport Business Symposium is acknowledged by
the IOC Olympic Studies Centre

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