Call for Papers | “Digital Research” | Special Issue of Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health. Call ends December 31, 2019

Special Issue Co-Editors:

This special issue is about contemporary qualitative digital research in fields researching sport, exercise and health. Please visit the journal’s home page. The focus is on the concepts, paradigms, and/or techniques relevant to the digital, and better understanding how qualitative research can/will be effective in the complex and vast digital landscape, that is developing at an unprecedented pace. This special issue aims to respond to growing concerns about whether digital research can still be positioned as ‘new’ or ‘innovative’, and whether current qualitative approaches to digital research demonstrate originality, significance, and rigor. The issue aims to push thinking beyond these traditions and ‘same old’ approaches to our research. In doing so, we hope to uncover how qualitative research in sport, exercise and health can be responsive to the growing complexity of the digital.

Articles are invited that focus on how technologies are being used, to what ends, and how their uses shape behaviors, societies and research. After all, digital technologies are ubiquitous and situated, embedded and habitual activities for many. Submissions are invited from scholars who are using technology in their research, and those who are not, but can find something of value in the ways in which technology is theorized, analyzed and used. Importantly, we are not aiming to displace well-established concepts and techniques, but rather engage in debate on how qualitative research can be adaptive within the current age and into the future.

This special issue invites methodological illustrations, theoretical commentaries and empirical submissions that address –but not limited to–the following topics as they relate to qualitative research in sport, exercise and health:

    • Social media, networks and communities
    • Self tracking and/or the quantified self
    • Data mining and artificial intelligence
    • Moving bodies and mobile/wearable technology
    • Online activism, agency, resilience, literacy
    • Blurring boundaries and crossing divides
    • Virtual reality, gamification, and augmented reality

Submission guidelines

In keeping with the aims and scope of the journal, submissions should be based on research using qualitative methods and/or scholarly dialogue informed by qualitative traditions of inquiry. All submissions should conform the guidelines for Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health.

Following initial screening of the Co-Editors, blinded peer review will be used to evaluate submissions aligning with the journal’s standards, broad aims and intended focus of the special issue. Acceptance/place in the special issue is not guaranteed with submission of a paper.

Papers must be submitted to the Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health ScholarOne site. Submissions must be received by December 31st 2019. Full ‘Instructions for authors’ can be found under the ‘Authors and submissions’ tab

Questions can be directed to the guest Co-Editors, or Co-Editors in Chief of QRSEH: Kerry McGannon (; Michael Atkinson (

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