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    Call for Papers | “Digital Research” | Special Issue of Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health. Call ends December 31, 2019

    This special issue is about contemporary qualitative digital research in fields researching sport, exercise and health. The focus is on the concepts, paradigms, and/or techniques relevant to the digital, and better understanding how qualitative research can/will be effective in the complex and vast digital landscape, that is developing at an unprecedented pace.

    Call for Papers | Animation, Video Games and Virtual Experience: Sport and the Artifice of Moving Image Media | November 14–15 2017 (Call ends May 1, 2017)

    The focus of the symposium is to acknowledge and discuss, but also, to move beyond the understanding of animation as ‘a cartoon’ and the assumption that sport is merely ‘live’ or ‘as broadcast’ and to properly evaluate and critique sport’s representational visualization in graphic and materially based, design-led, moving image media.

    Call for papers | “Sport and play in a digital world” | Special issue of Sport, Ethics and Philosophy

    This special issue of Sport, Ethics and Philosophy is dedicated to the main conceptual, philosophical and moral questions that are being raised by the digital developments in the context of sport and physical education. Guest editor: Ivo van Hilvoorde
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