Call for Papers | British Society of Sports History Annual Conference 2022 | International Centre for Sports History and Culture, De Montfort University, August 25–26, 2022. Call ends May 16, 2022

This year marks the 40th year of the BSSH’s history and we are delighted to be teaming with the International Centre for Sports History and Culture (ICSHC) at De Montfort University (DMU), Leicester, for this year’s conference. This will be an open themed conference. Submissions based on original research are welcomed from UK and overseas scholars. Papers can relate to any aspect of sport, physical recreation, education and culture, as considered from an historical perspective.

Keynote Speakers

      • Professor Robert Colls (De Montfort University) – 2020 Lord Aberdare Prize Winner.
      • Dr Ramachandra Guha (Krea University) – 2021 British Society of Sports History and Cricket Society Howard Milton Award.
      • Professor Richard Holt (De Montfort University) – BSSH 40th Anniversary Lecture

Abstract Submission

Abstracts are accepted as follows

      • Individual: a single abstract from an individual/co-researchers for 20- minute presentations.
      • Proposed panel: a set of abstracts (ideally 3, or 4 maximum) submitted by a representative for a group of individuals/co-researchers examining a single topic or theme (session 90mins, including c.30 minutes questions/discussion).

Abstracts should be a maximum of 200 words long: longer abstracts will be returned for editing and resubmission. Please include the following:

      • Full title: as it will appear in the conference programme.
      • Outline of the context and/or academic literature informing the research as appropriate; identification of core themes/argument of the paper and broad theoretical and/or methodological approach adopted as appropriate; significance of the research.
      • Also include your preferred title/name; affiliation; email address and short biography (c.50 words: this does not count towards the 200 word limit).

Abstract submission deadline: 15.00 (UK time) on Monday 16th May 2022. Abstracts must be emailed directly to with ‘[Your Name]: Abstract Submission’ as the subject.

BSSH Doctoral and Early Career Research Workshop

The British Society of Sport History invites submissions for a pre-conference workshop in De Montfort, Leicester on Wednesday 24th August, directly preceding BSSH’s 2022 annual conference. Open to PhD students and early career researchers who have submitted a paper to the main conference and who are interested in meeting with peers, presenting their work, and receiving peer review, the Workshop serves as a dedicated research forum. We hope, in particular, to present the work of a number of scholars who are new to the BSSH annual meeting.

In order to ensure useful peer review process, the workshop is limited to ten spaces. In addition to the submission of a full conference abstract, interested applicants must send a 2,000-word paper (a section from a chapter, proposed article etc.), or general overview of their research project, to Katie Taylor at by 17.00 (UK time) on Monday 16th May 2022. PhD and ECR applicants are reminded that registration fees are not charged for them to present at the BSSH. Katie will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this event. 

At the workshop, participants will present a ten-minute overview of their submitted proposal before receiving peer feedback. Each participant will be required to read five participant’s papers so that group reviews can be given. The workshop offers an excellent opportunity for PhD students and ECRs to receive feedback on their work in a mutually-supportive environment. 

Conference information 

Full details of registration, costs, and accommodation will follow in mid-March. At this stage, we can guarantee that DMU will be able to offer on-campus accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis to delegates in halls of residence. We will also ensure that delegates will be able to register for single or multiple days, and that there will be discounted rates available for retired/unwaged delegates, and for PhD students and ECR colleagues. 

Please note all presenters must be BSSH members. Membership can be taken up at the time of registration (£40 full membership / £20 concession). To join please visit

Childcare Bursaries 

This year, the BSSH is also trialling the offer of a small number of bursaries of up to £100 to contribute towards the costs of childcare, or other caring responsibilities. These are open to those wishing to present and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis to a maximum of five applicants. If you would like more details, please contact BSSH Vice Chair, Dr Conor Heffernan ( Please note that we are not able to offer childcare facilities at the conference itself. 

BSSH Conference Prizes 2022 

If you wish to be considered for either of the below prizes, please indicate this when you submit your paper abstract. 

Richard Cox Postgraduate Prize 

This prize is awarded for the most promising work submitted by a new researcher in sports history. To be eligible, authors should be engaged in full time or part-time postgraduate research or be within 1 year of completing their research degree. Co-authored papers will not be considered. 

The winning paper will be awarded £200, and the researcher will be invited to submit their paper to the Society’s peer-reviewed journal Sport in History. 

Prize for Best Paper on Sporting Inequalities 

Recognising the need to encourage research in new areas of sports history, the 

British Society of Sports History Committee are establishing a new prize to reward outstanding work in one of the following under-researched areas: 

      • Sport and black / ethnic minorities. 
      • Sport and LGBTQ communities. 
      • Women and sport. 
      • Disability sport. 

Papers should be largely focused on the British context. Academics at all career stages are encouraged to apply. Postgraduates are eligible but may not apply if they are also under consideration for the Richard Cox Postgraduate Prize. 

The winning paper will be awarded £200, and the researcher will be invited to submit their paper to the Society’s peer-reviewed journal Sport in History. 

The Assessment Process for the Prizes 

The written paper must be submitted to the conference organisers a month prior to the first day of the annual conference. A panel of judges will be selected by the BSSH Committee which will assess both the content of the papers under consideration and the presentation. 


While we encourage the submission of different kinds of papers, to be eligible for a prize, papers must be a maximum of 6,000 words. Style should be consistent throughout, i.e footnotes where appropriate, and a separate list of references. Papers should be no smaller than size 12 Times New Roman and 1.5 or double spacing. Name and contact details of author, paper title, and a short abstract with keywords must also be included on a separate page (please follow Sport in History conventions). 

Award of the Prizes 

The winner of both Prizes will be announced during the conference. 

Any questions concerning the Prizes should be sent to BSSH Vice-Chair, Dr Conor Heffernan (

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