Call for Book Chapters | Digital Transformations in Sports | A Title in the Applied Data Analytics Series by Taylor and Francis. Call ends October 31, 2023


    • Jillian McNiff Villemaire, Ed.D., Flagler College, USA
    • Haiyan Huang, Ph.D., Flagler College, USA


This book will consider the digital transformation of the sports industry. This book will elaborate on the forthcoming digital and technological changes that will shape the sports industry for years to come. Topics will include digital innovations, artificial intelligence, machine learning, optimization, data privacy and security, organizational behavior, and globalization.

The below is not an exhaustive list of issues affecting sports marketing and sponsorship today. Authors should feel free to venture into other topics that fit with the theme of the book. This book provides a platform to collate the most important contemporary issues for a global audience of scholars and practitioners.

Objective and Focus           

There will be approximately 18 chapters in the book with a word limit of approximately 8,000 words per chapter. (Tables, figures, and references are counted towards the word limit.) The chapters may include conceptual papers, systematic review of literature, empirical studies of any methodology and case analysis. Contributors should submit chapters related to the use of data analytics in sports, including but not limited to the following topics:

      • Innovation/Technology/ Knowledge/ Information Management
      • Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning
      • Decision Sciences
      • Optimal Control/ Optimization
      • Computer Mathematics and Science
      • Game Theory
      • Organizational Behavior/ Industrial Organization
      • Information Theory
      • Globalization

Structure of the Book

Section 1: Digital Innovations

Topic Examples

This section will discuss the current state of digital innovations in the sports industry and their future trajectory. 

      • History and trends in digital innovations in sport.
      • Access to technology and how this has changed sports.
      • Use of data in sports and why it matters.
      • Digital ticketing.
      • Others.

Section 2: Artificial Intelligence

Topic Examples

This section will cover artificial intelligence and its place in the sports industry. The role of AI in esports, gambling, and VAR (Virtual Assistant Referee) will be highlighted.

      • The role of AI in the sports industry, what is the future of this technology.
      • Esports – how it is influenced by technology, growth, ND impacts on the sports industry.
      • Video Assistant Referee (VAR) – Pros, Cons, and what does this do for sports.
      • Sports betting – how does the use of data influence the industry. 
      • Scouting – how can scouting professionals use data to improve their jobs.
      • Others.

Section 3: Machine Learning and Predictive Sport Analytics

Topic Examples

This section will provide an overview as well as specific applications of machine leaning algorithms to enhance sport analytics.  

      • Machine learning algorithms.
      • Performance prediction.
      • Injury prediction.
      • Game outcome prediction.
      • Others.

Section 4: Optimization

Topic Examples

This section will focus on the use of data to optimize success in the sports industry.

      • Sport analytics – current and growth.
      • Game theory – how can we apply mathematics. concepts to sports industry decision making.
      • Others.

Section 5: Future Challenges

Topic Examples

This section will cover the anticipated challenges of data and information in the sports industry and what the future might hold.

      • Globalization – how does the data enhance the global reach of sports.
      • Data privacy and security, sharing information, protecting data for managers and athletes.
      • Training future managers.
      • Others.

Important Dates

      • Proposal Submission Deadline: October 31, 2023
        Proposal Submission – Submit an extended abstract (approximately 500 words) to the link:   
      • Notification of Acceptance: November 30, 2023
      • Full Chapter Submission: February 29, 2024
      • Review Results Returned: April 15, 2024
      • Final Acceptance Notification: April 30, 2024
      • Formatted Chapter Submission: May 31, 2024 

For inquiries, please contact:

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