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    Call for Papers | “Football and Digitalisation”, Special Issue of Zeitschrift für Fußball und Gesellschaft (FuG). Call ends March 31, 2024

    Digitalisation is a megatrend that brings about extensive changes in many areas of society. In general, one can speak of digitalisation “when an analogue service is replaced in whole or in part by a service in a digital model that can be managed by a computer”. Not only do established phenomena affect the field of football, but completely new phenomena are also developing in this domain. This special issue aims to develop a more comprehensive understanding of digitalisation in football, taking a multi- and interdisciplinary approach.

    Call for Book Chapters | Digital Transformations in Sports | A Title in the Applied Data Analytics Series by Taylor and Francis. Call ends October 31, 2023

    This book will consider the digital transformation of the sports industry. This book will elaborate on the forthcoming digital and technological changes that will shape the sports industry for years to come. Topics will include digital innovations, artificial intelligence, machine learning, optimization, data privacy and security, organizational behavior, and globalization. This book provides a platform to collate the most important contemporary issues for a global audience of scholars and practitioners.

    Call for Participation | Digital Innovation in Sports, Master’s level course 7.5 credits (ECTS) | University of Gothenburg

    Recent years have seen drastic developments in terms of digitalisation in sports. The use of digital technology in sports affects how sports teams are organized and managed, how we gain access to sports information and design new sports equipment. Digitization has also created new sports, such as e-Sports, which have major consequences for the perception of what sports are and how sports are practiced.
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