Veckans Routledge-tema: Rullstolsbasket

Routledge har skapat en temasida där man samlar artiklar och böcker ut förlagets omfattande idrottsforskningsutgivning kring ett visst tema.

Wheelchair Basketball is one of the major disability sports practiced worldwide, with over 100,000 athletes estimated to be participating. Dating back to 1944, the sport was originally known as Wheelchair Netball in the Stoke Mandeville Games (the predecessor of the Paralympics). The sport is managed by the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) who claimed its responsibility in 1989 when the sport became independently practiced outside of the Paralympics. Since 1989, the Gold Cup has taken place every 4 years, 2 years after each Paralympics. Wheelchair Basketball retains most major rules and scorings of Basketball, and maintains a 10 foot hoop and standard court.

The role of the velocometer as an innovative tool for Paralympic coaches to understand wheelchair sporting training and interventions to help optimise performance
Victoria L. Goosey-Tolfrey, Barry Mason & Brendan Burkett

Validity and reliability of tests determining performance-related components of wheelchair basketballSonja De Groot, Inge J.M. Balvers, Sanne M. Kouwenhoven & Thomas W.J. Janssen

Sports wheelchair technologies – FREE ACCESS 
Michael Burton, Franz Konstantin Fuss & Aleksandar Subic

The relationship between functional potential and field performance in elite female wheelchair basketball players
Yves C Vanlandewijck, Christina Evaggelinou, Daniel J Daly, Joeri Verellen, Siska Van Houtte, Vanessa Aspeslagh, Robby Hendrickx, Tine Piessens & Bjorn Zwakhoven

Going for Gold: Understanding Occupational Engagement in Elite‐Level Wheelchair Basketball Athletes
T.C. Hull Garci & Angie Mandich

The Paralympic Games Explained
Ian Brittain

The Cultural Politics of the Paralympic Movement
David Howe

Disability and Youth Sport
Hayley Fitzgerald

Disability, Sport and Society
Nigel Thomas and Andy Smith

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