Undergraduate course: Outdoor Education and Nordic Friluftsliv | Sogn og Fjordane University College, Norway

Do you want to work with people in nature? In this course you will kayak the World Heritage listed Nærøyfjord, experience the glacier landscape and go camping in the mountains. In our outdoor and indoor classrooms you will learn how to lead a group of people in outdoor activities and learn the philosophy behind Nordic friluftsliv. As a student in Sogndal you are a part of an intimate and active student environment, known nationwide for being one of the best places for outdoor activities in Norway!


English Title
Outdoor Education and Nordic Friluftsliv, 30 ECTS

Language of instruction

ECTS credits

1/2 year, fall semester

Learning Outcomes
After completion of the course in Outdoor Education and Nordic Friluftsliv, the candidate will have acquired the following learning outcomes, defined as knowledge, skills and general competence.

The candidate

  • is able to communicate knowledge of outdoor education and plan and implement selected outdoor activities
  • has knowledge, insight and the ability to critically assess the values and attitudes that characterise Friluftsliv and various forms of outdoor activities, and the impact of these on the relationships between man, nature, culture and society
  • has general knowledge of norms, regulations and laws related to the practice of outdoor activities
  • has general knowledge of the fjord landscape, geology, glaciology and regional eco-systems.
  • has insight into philosophical, social and educational issues related to outdoor activities
  • are familiar with and employ appropriate methods in academic research and development work in outdoor studies

The candidate

  • is able to demonstrate basic practical skills in outdoor activities, based on the local nature and culture
  • is able to apply academic knowledge and practical skills in the local environment, such as glaciers, mountains and fjords.
  • acquire basic knowledge and experience of planning, organising and guiding in various types of outdoor activities.
  • is familiar with IT and specifically blogging as a communication tool

General competence
The candidate

  • can independently and critically continue to develop his/her own competence and specialisation in the practice field of outdoor education
  • is able to plan and implement safe outdoor activities for various groups.
  • can analyse relevant academic and practical issues and implement projects in the field.
  • can contribute to a sustainable and environmentally friendly development in the field.

Formal Qualification
The course in Outdoor Education is a 30 ECTS credits course that provides a formal academic basis and qualifies for work with outdoor activities and – education in schools, voluntary organisations, health care and the commercial nature-based industry.

Target Group
The target group is students abroad who are interested in a semester course in Outdoor Education in the western part of Norway. The course is suitable for those interested in working in outdoor education in schools, voluntary organisations, health care and the nature-based industry.

Admission Requirements
The general requirements for admission to higher education apply to the Outdoor Education, 30 ECTS.

Course Content and Structure
The course consists a ½ year study of glacier, mountain and nature studies, and teaching methodology of outdoor activities.

Teaching and Learning Methods
The teaching and learning methods are varied and will include lectures, seminars, group-, and individual work and excursions. The subject matter will as far as possible be integrated and experienced through practical teaching. On trips and excursions, methodological considerations will play a central role, together with a high level of personal ability and mastery of skills in outdoor activities.

During the course, students will establish reflection blogs. Students will be given presentation assignments (30-40 min. in an assigned topic) and other written assignments. Students will be expected to take responsibility for planning and implementing outdoor hikes.

Work Requirements
The course in Outdoor Education includes many mandatory excursions and overnight trips which are defined as work requirements.

Final assessment
The final assessment will include 4 written papers, that together will be graded from A-F (A as the best)

Faculty of Teacher Education and Sport


Applications are due on April 15, 2015. Apply here!

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