Timisoara Physical Education and Rehabilitation Journal Volume 8, Issue 15, 2016


tperj-dsAcetaminophen effect on reaction speed and lower limbs power
Strava, Cristian-Cosmin / Rusu, Alexandra Mihaela
Page 7

Effectiveness of a home-based physical therapy program in patients with chronic low back pain
Sîrbu, Elena
Page 12

Injury frequency and body composition of elite Romanian rugby players
Almăjan-Guţă, Bogdan / Rusu, Alexandra-Mihaela / Nagel, Adrian / Avram, Claudiu
Page 17

The opinion of Romanian male tennis players about the importance of mental trainining
Petracovschi, Simona / Rogoveanu, Sergiu
Page 22

Occupational therapy for patients with an arterio-venous fistula
Bengulescu, Iustinian / Pasnicu, Costin / Pantea, Corina / Pantea, Stelian
Page 28

Educating the sense of rhythm in primary education students
Grădinaru, Silvia
Page 32

Efficacy of hamstring stretching programs in schoolchildren. A systematic review
Becerra Fernandez, Carlos-Alberto / Merino-Marban, Rafael
Page 36

The rehabilitation management after hip arthroplasty: a case report
Burchici, Adina
Page 44

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