Therapeutic Recreation Journal, Vol. 53, 2019, No. 3



Global and Cultural Perspectives on Therapeutic Recreation
Tristan Hopper, Pei-Chun Hsieh, Shinichi Nagata, Norma Stumbo

Research Papers

The Applicability of Therapeutic Recreation to Post-Disaster Lives: The Leisure and Well-Being Model Perspective
Shintaro Kono, Susan Burton

A Survey of Professional Responsibilities and Job Satisfaction Among Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Practitioners
Hubert Roussel, Pierre Ouellette, Jerome Singleton, Tristan Hopper

Does Culture Matter? An Exploratory Study of Culture in the Implementation of an Adaptive Sports Program
Hannah Wells, Lauren Duffy, Maddie Nance, Lauren Fleming, Garrett A. Stone, Jasmine Townsend, Samantha L. Stevenson

Using Inclusive Sport for Social Change in Malawi, Africa
Patricia J. Craig, Bob Barcelona, Semra Aytur, Jess Amato, Sarah J. Young

International Perspectives

Therapeutic Recreation in Australia
Nicole Peel, Darren Robinson

Fukushi (Social Welfare) Recreation in Japan
Hiroko Murray, Yoshifumi Tajima, Tadaaki Wakui, Takashi Wakano, Shinichi Nagata

Leisure Education in Japan
Hiroaki Chino, Yasuko Takeuchi, Takashi Wakano, Kazuyuki Koike, Shinichi Nagata

Therapeutic Recreation in Korea
Heewon Yang, Chungsup Lee

Diversional and Recreational Therapy in Aotearoa New Zealand: A Snap-Shot
Orquidea Tamayo Mortera, Nicola A. Hurst

Development of the Therapeutic Recreation Profession in Taiwan
Li-jung Lin

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