The latest International Sociology of Sport Association (ISSA) eBulletin, 2013-2

alcoholTable of Content

Fourth Announcement for the ISSA 2013 World Congress of Sociology of Sport

  • Vancouver, Canada, June 12-15

ISSA Congress Mentors

ISSA 2013 Honorary Member Award

International Review for the Sociology of Sport 

  • Call for papers: Special Issue on Sport and Alcohol

ISSA 50th Anniversary: 2015

Members’ News

Future ISSA Conferences

  • Beijing, China, July 8-11
  • ISSA/RC27 (Sociology of Sport) at the XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology

Other Announcements

  • ICSSPE: Directory of Sport Science
  • IOC: Looking for a sport sociologist
  • Position: Professor/Associate Professor of the Sociology of Sport, University of Copenhagen
  • Routledge: Free access to sport and leisure collection

Other Forthcoming Conferences

  • 2013 European Sports Development Network (ESDN) Conference
  • Two-day conference, University of Brighton, Sport and Leisure Cultures
  • 2nd Global Conference on Sport

Other Call for Papers (Journals)

  • The Sociology of Animals in Sport—Special Issue of Sociology of Sport Journal 

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