Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, Volume 2, Issue 2, May 2013


sepp300_UVThe effects of team environment on attentional resource allocation and cognitive workload.
Pages 77-89
Miller, Matthew W.; Groman, Lawrence J.; Rietschel, Jeremy C.; McDonald, Craig G.; Iso-Ahola, Seppo E.; Hatfield, Bradley D.

Physical activity motivation and behavior across the transition to university.
Pages 90-101
Ullrich-French, Sarah; Cox, Anne E.; Bumpus, Matthew F.

“Warm interactions” and “cold streaks”: The influence of temperature word primes on interpersonal warmth and competence-related outcomes in a dyadic sport task.
Pages 102-116
Dimmock, James A.; Jackson, Ben; Clarke, Daniel

The influence of moral disengagement and negative emotion on antisocial sport behavior.
Pages 117-129
Stanger, Nicholas; Kavussanu, Maria; Boardley, Ian D.; Ring, Christopher

Regulatory fit improves putting in top golfers.
Pages 130-137
Kutzner, Florian L. W.; Förderer, Sabine; Plessner, Henning

Expert–novice differences in the anticipatory skill of rugby league players.
Pages 138-155
Gabbett, Tim J.; Abernethy, Bruce

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