The International Journal of the History of Sport, Volume 33, 2016, Issue 15


Special Issue: Connections, Linkages, and Comparisons: African Sports in Transnational Contexts

Susann Baller & Chris Bolsmann

Sport for Social Change and Development: Sustaining Transnational Partnerships and Adapting International Curriculums to Local Contexts in Rwanda
Holly Collison, Simon Darnell, Richard Giulianotti & P. David Howe

Exploring African-American Influences on Athletics in the Cape Colony, South Africa
Francois Johannes Cleophas

‘Tours of Imperialism’: Cricket and Cultural Transfer in South Africa, 1880–1910
Dean Allen

The Mandela Soccer Academy: Historical and Contemporary Intersections between Ghana, Lebanon, and the West
Itamar Dubinsky & Lynn Schler

Beyond Kolpak: European Union Law’s Unforeseen Contribution to the Movement of African Cricketers
Steve Greenfield, Guy Osborn & J. P. Rossouw

Mobilities at Play: The Local Embedding of Transnational Connections in West African Football Migration
Christian Ungruhe

The Coming of Nelson and the Ending of Apartheid Cricket? Gatting’s Rebels in South Africa, 1990
Goolam Vahed & Ashwin Desai

Rhodesia, Rugby and the Afrikaner: ‘Working Together to Send this Country Ahead’
Jonty Winch

Out of Eastern Africa: An Examination of Sport Labour Migration in the Post-Independence Era
Jepkorir Rose Chepyator-Thomson & Emma Sande Ariyo

The Structural Adjustment of Football in Zambia: Politics, Decline and Dispersal, 1991–1994
Hikabwa D. Chipande

Disentangling Race: Re-Narrating Apartheid Sport?
Douglas Booth

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