The Global Journal of Health and Physical Education Pedagogy Vol. 3 No. 3

gjhpep-dsFeatured Articles

An Exploration of Master’s Degree Field Study and Teacher and Student Behavior in Physical Education
William J. Davis, Andrew Hawkins

Physical Fitness in College Students
Andreas N. Kavazis, Indi M. Grimme

Multidimensional Analysis of the Importance Given to Physical Activity Promotion in Secondary Schools of French-Speaking Belgium
Jerome P. Snyers, Anne-Sophie M.A. Halkin, Thibaut Lejacques, John D. Schmit, Julien Williot, Marc P.J.M. Cloes

Management/Discipline Strategies of Today’s Top U.S. Physical Education Teachers
Glenn A. Miller, Karen B. Fredenburg, Krista C. Diedrich

Physical and Environmental Dimensions of Wellness of Benguet State University Employees
Eduardo P. Laconsay

Teacher Perceptions of Barriers to Implementing a School-Based Physical Activity Club: A Qualitative Investigation
Stephanie Goudeau, Birgitta Baker, Alex C. Garn

Best Practices ~ From the Front Lines

Ron Feingold

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