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April 29 — May 5, 2024


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So, another week, another public holiday. The Ascension of Christ is not observed as a major event in all countries, at least not on the actual day of the Himmelfahrt, Thursday, the fortieth day of Easter. So, next Thursday is a day off, and no-one will be surprised to learn that in Sweden, at least, the following Friday is up for grabs as a day that if one can manage to skip work, what one gets is a really nice long weekend. How this will play out for the staff at is at the time of writing not known. We’ll just have to see.
Last week the following items were published on (see below; language and publication dates, YYMMDD, in brackets). Click on the red headings to go to content. Utilize the Google Translate service to turn Scandinavian language pages into (some sort of) English.
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Feature Article

The recent doping scandal in China – a failure of governance, the failure of sport?

(Shutterstock/Salty View)

What is left to do in anti-doping research? This was the question April Henning and Jörg Krieger, as the directors of the International Network of Doping Research, asked themselves and their colleagues two years ago at the 2022 conference, where international experts discuss research on the political, cultural, and social dimensions of doping in an independent setting. At this year’s INDR conference they will have much to discuss given the recent doping scandal in China. (Published in English 240429.

Book Reviews

Black Mercuries: African American Athletes, Race, and the Modern Olympic Games, by David K. Wiggins, Kevin B. Witherspoon & Mark Dyreson

US Mail 25 cents stamp celebrating the first great Black Mercury, whose four gold medals in the 1936 Berlin games signified a powerful middle finger at the Nazi regime. (Shutterstock/spatuletail)

In Black Mercuries: African American Athletes, Race, and the Modern Olympic Games (Rowman & Littlefield), David K. Wiggins, Kevin B. Witherspoon, and Mark Dyreson explore in detail the varied experiences of African American athletes, specifically in the summer games. Sometimes too detailed, too many names, writes our reviewer Christoph Wagner, while also pointing out that the multitude of actors is one of the key points that make the book so valuable and important. In conclusion, Black Mercuries is an important contribution. (Review in English, published 240430.)

A Legacy of African American Resistance and Activism Through Sport, by Joseph N. Cooper

The killings around 2013 of Trayvon Martin, among others, and the ensuing protests by the Black Lives Matter movement had a profound influence on political activism among Black athletes in the US. (Freepik/user18989612)

In his new book A Legacy of African American Resistance and Activism Through Sport (Peter Lang Publishers), Joseph N. Cooper offers a penetrative analysis of African Americans’ use of sport to express their anger and protest against social injustices. Russell Holden has read the book on our behalf, and he is equally impressed and disappointed; impressed by Cooper’s ambition to unpack the notions of resistance and advocacy, and disappointed at a certain clunkiness of writing and lack of enthusiasm and engagement. (Review in English, published 240503.)

New Issues of Scholarly Journals

(We’re currently reviewing this service, since it’s a rather time-consuming undertaking. In the meanwhile we’re presenting some of the journals in line with the Forum’s core mission.)

  • Journal of Emerging Sport Studies, Vol 10, 2024 (240429)
  • The International Journal of the History of Sport, Volume 41, 2024, Issue 1 (240430)
  • Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, Volume 18, 2024, Issue 2 (240430)
  • Journal of Sport & Tourism, Volume 28, 2024, Issue 1–2 (250501)
  • Sport History Review, Volume 55, 2024, Issue 1 | Nature Sport and Environmental History: Adulation or Alteration of Nature? (240501)
  • International Review for the Sociology of Sport, Vol. 59, 2024, No. 3 (240502)
  • Journal of Adventure Education & Outdoor Learning, Volume 24, 2024, Issue 1 (240502)
  • Soccer & Society, Volume 25, 2024, Issue 4–6 | Why Fans Matter? Fans and Identities in the Soccer World (240503)

News items (calls for papers, vacancies, etc.)

  • Postdoc i frivillighed og civilsamfund till Syddansk Universitet, Odense | Ansök senast den 26 maj 2024 (240429)

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