Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Vol. 13, 2021, No. 1


Unintentional Consequences
Edward M. Wojtys

Focus Topic: Young Athletes

COVID-19 Surveillance in Youth Soccer During Small Group Training: A Safe Return to Sports Activity
Jonathan A. Drezner, Sophia M. Drezner, Kennedy N. Magner, and Jasmin T. Ayala

Concussion Epidemiology in Youth Sports: Sports Study of a Statewide High School Sports Program
Benjamin J. Chun, Troy Furutani, Ross Oshiro, Casey Young, Gale Prentiss, and Nathan Murata

Decreased Physical Activity and Sleep, Not Sport Specialization, Predict Illness in Middle School Athletes
Andrew Watson, Eric Post, Kevin Biese, Stephanie Kliethermes, M. Alison Brooks, and David Bell

Longitudinal Assessment of Depressive Symptoms After Sport-Related Concussion in a Cohort of High School Athletes
Erin Hammer, Scott Hetzel, Adam Pfaller, and Tim McGuine

Effect of Plyometric Training on Sport Performance in Adolescent Overhead Athletes: A Systematic Review
Leyla Eraslan, Birgit Castelein, Valentien Spanhove, Ceren Orhan, Irem Duzgun, and Ann Cools

Does Functional Bracing of the Unstable Shoulder Improve Return to Play in Scholastic Athletes? Returning the Unstable Shoulder to Play
Adam Kwapisz, Ellen Shanley, Amit M. Momaya, Chris Young, Michael J. Kissenberth, Stefan J. Tolan, Keith T. Lonergan, Douglas J. Wyland, Richard J. Hawkins, Stephan G. Pill, and John M. Tokish

Current Research

Effects of Static and Dynamic Stretching With Strengthening Exercises in Patients With Patellofemoral Pain Who Have Inflexible Hamstrings: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Jin Hyuck Lee, Ki-Mo Jang, Eunseon Kim, Hye Chang Rhim, and Hyeong-Dong Kim

Clinical Evaluation Techniques for Injury Risk Assessment in Elite Swimmers: A Systematic Review Kaitlyn R. Schlueter, Joshua A. Pintar, Katherine J. Wayman, Lynda J. Hartel, and Matthew S. Briggs

Malnutrition in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine: A Review of the Current Literature
Jihoon T. Choi, Brandon Yoshida, Omid Jalali, and George F. Hatch, III

Effects of Foot Strike Techniques on Running Biomechanics: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Yilin Xu, Peng Yuan, Ran Wang, Dan Wang, Jia Liu, and Hui Zhou

Evidence-Based Physical Examination for the Diagnosis of Subscapularis Tears: A Systematic Review
Andrew Dakkak, Michael K. Krill, Matthew L. Krill, Benedict Nwachukwu, and Frank McCormick

Recruitment of Shoulder Complex and Torso Stabilizer Muscles With Rowing Exercises Using a Suspension Strap Training System
James W. Youdas, Mary Kleis, Erik T. Krueger, Stephen Thompson, Whitney A. Walker, and John H. Hollman

HPV Immunization in High School Student-Athletes Receiving Preparticipation Physical Evaluations at Mass Event Versus Other Venues
Andrew K. Cunningham, Meaghan M. Rourke, James L. Moeller, and Melissa Nayak

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