Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 52, January 2021

Research Articles

Self-efficacy, mental models and team adaptation: A first approach on football and futsal refereeing
João Aragão e Pina, Ana Margarida Passos, M. Travis Maynard, Jorge Sinval

Student-athletes’ dual commitment to school and sport: Compatible or conflicting?
Liam O’Neil, Anthony J. Amorose, Scott Pierce

Exercise is medicine… when you enjoy it: Exercise enjoyment, relapse prevention efficacy, and health outcomes for youth within a drug and alcohol treatment service
Bonnie Furzer, Amanda Rebar, James A. Dimmock, Alissa More, Ashleigh L. Thornton, Kemi Wright, Allan Colthart, Ben Jackson

Effect of parent responsiveness on young athletes’ self-perceptions and thriving: An exploratory study in a Belgian French-Community
Olivier Y. Rouquette, Camilla J. Knight, Victoria E. Lovett, Jean-Philippe Heuzé

Exercise video games are associated with more positive affective response, which predicts physical activity adherence
Beth C. Bock, Roman Palitsky, Shira I. Dunsiger, David M. Williams, Eva R. Serber

The decision to adopt a formal athlete leadership group: Qualitative insights from professional football coaches
Gina Haddad, Donna O’Connor, Kellie Burns

The influence of social networks within sports teams on athletes’ eating and exercise psychopathology: A longitudinal study
Charlotte L. Scott, Emma Haycraft, Carolyn R. Plateau

The social dynamics involved in recovery and return to sport following a sport-related concussion: A study of three athlete-teammate-coach triads
Jeffrey G. Caron, Alex J. Benson, Rebecca Steins, Laura McKenzie, Mark W. Bruner

Weight on the bar vs. weight on the scale: A qualitative exploration of disordered eating in competitive female powerlifters
Maria Luisa Fernanda Pereira Vargas, Stacy Winter

Inpatient perspectives on physical activity in a secure mental health setting
Eva Rogers, Anthony Papathomas, Florence-Emilie Kinnafick

Strengthening the relationship between physical activity and physical self-concept: The moderating effect of controllable attributions
Ross M. Murray, Catherine M. Sabiston, Pete Coffee, Kent C. Kowalski

Youth sport participation and parental mental health
Jordan T. Sutcliffe, Peter J. Kelly, Stewart A. Vella

Cumulative lifetime stress exposure, depression, anxiety, and well-being in elite athletes: A mixed-method study
Ella McLoughlin, David Fletcher, George M. Slavich, Rachel Arnold, Lee J. Moore

Defining and characterizing organizational resilience in elite sport
Kirsten J. Fasey, Mustafa Sarkar, Christopher R.D. Wagstaff, Julie Johnston

Muscularity rationality: An examination of the use of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) upon exercisers at risk of muscle dysmorphia
L. Outar, M.J. Turner, A.G. Wood, H. O’Connor

Athlete perspectives on the enablers and barriers to nutritional adherence in high-performance sport
Meghan R.N. Bentley, Laurie B. Patterson, Nigel Mitchell, Susan H. Backhouse

Testing attitudes, social desirability and behavioral regulations as moderators of implicit-explicit exercise discrepancies: A replication study in Iranian students
Tanya R. Berry, Parvaneh Taymoori, Kohestan Shirzadi, Tahereh Pashaei, Afshin Bahamani

Individual differences in performance and learning of visual anticipation in expert field hockey goalkeepers
Khaya Morris-Binelli, Sean Müller, Fleur E.C.A. van Rens, Allen G. Harbaugh, Simon M. Rosalie

To Flourish or Languish, that is the question: Exploring the mental health profiles of Danish elite athletes
Andreas Kuettel, Andreas K. Pedersen, Carsten H. Larsen

An investigation of the effects of self-reported self-control strength on shooting performance
Chris Englert, Anna Dziuba, Wanja Wolff, Louis-solal Giboin

More than “just a driver”: A study of professional women racecar drivers’ agency in motorsport
Jill Kochanek, Megan Davis, Karl Erickson, David Ferguson

The perception of nested affordances: An examination of expert climbers
Ludovic Seifert, Matt Dicks, Frieder Wittmann, Peter Wolf

Effects of chronic exercise on attentional bias among individuals with methamphetamine use disorder
Qi Zhao, Yingzhi Lu, Chenglin Zhou, Xiaochun Wang

Mental health protective factors among flourishing Canadian women university student-athletes
Kurtis Pankow, Tara-Leigh F. McHugh, Amber D. Mosewich, Nicholas L. Holt

Review Papers

Effects of psychological interventions on competitive anxiety in sport: A meta-analysis
Nathanael C.H. Ong, Joshua H.E. Chua

The impact of cognitive functions and intellectual impairment on pacing and performance in sports
Kandianos Emmanouil Sakalidis, Jan Burns, Debbie Van Biesen, Waleed Dreegia, Florentina Johanna Hettinga

A systematic review of the within-person association between physical activity and affect in children’s and adolescents’ daily lives
Matthew Bourke, Toni A. Hilland, Melinda Craike

Short Communication

Physical activity is positively associated with college students’ positive affect regardless of stressful life events during the COVID-19 pandemic
Jaclyn P. Maher, Derek J. Hevel, Erin J. Reifsteck, Eric S. Drollette

Articles from the special issue Motorcognitive development edited by Prof. Markus Raab and Dr. Lisa Musculus

Representative co-design: Utilising a source of experiential knowledge for athlete development and performance preparation
Carl T. Woods, Martyn Rothwell, James Rudd, Sam Robertson, Keith Davids

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