Sport Science Review Volume 24, 2015, Issue 1–2

ssr-dsIs Flow Related to Positive Feelings or Optimal Performance? Path Analysis of Challenge-Skill Balance and Feelings
Flett, M. Ryan
Page 5

Psychological Momentum in Team Sport: An Intervention Program in Professional Soccer
Larsen, Carsten Hvid / Henriksen, Kristoffer
Page 27

Physical Activity Interventions in Middle School and High School Girls A Review
Larson, Jessyka N. / Hannon, James C. / Brusseau, Timothy A.
Page 41

The Relationship of Kicking Ball Velocity with Anthropometric and Physiological Factors in Soccer
Bekris, Evangelos / Gioldasis, Aristotelis / Bekris, Vasilis / Gissis, Ioannis / Komsis, Stergios / Mitrousis, Ioannis
Page 71

Perceived Locus of Control in Rhythmic Gymnastics by Coaches and Judges
Kosmidou, Evdoxia / Giannitsopoulou, Evgenia / Proios, Miltiadis
Page 89

From Reparation to Competitive Period in Soccer: Hematological Changes
Bekris, Evangelos / Gioldasis, Aristotelis / Gissis, Ioannis / Anagnostakos, Konstantinos / Eleftherios, Mylonis
Page 103

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