Sport Management Review Volume 16, Issue 2, May 2013

smr_bigHow can the social theory of Pierre Bourdieu assist sport management research?
Review Article Pages 123-134
P.J. Kitchin, P. David Howe

Understanding capacity through the processes and outcomes of interorganizational relationships in nonprofit community sport organizations
Original Research Article Pages 135-147
Katie Misener, Alison Doherty

Sport’s social provisions
Original Research Article Pages 148-160
Matthew Nicholson, Kevin Brown, Russell Hoye

A role of team and organizational identification in the success of cause-related sport marketing
Original Research Article Pages 161-172
Jaedeock Lee, Mauricio Ferreira

A model of the relationship among sport consumer motives, spectator commitment, and behavioral intentions
Original Research Article Pages 173-185
Jun Woo Kim, Jeffrey D. James, Yu Kyoum Kim

Three models, one goal: Assessing financial vulnerability in New Zealand amateur sports clubs
Original Research Article Pages 186-199
Carolyn J. Cordery, Dalice Sim, Rachel F. Baskerville

Organizational justice in intercollegiate athletics: Perceptions of coaches
Original Research Article Pages 200-210
Seungmo Kim, Damon P.S. Andrew

More than basketball: Determining the sport components that lead to long-term benefits for African-American girls
Original Research Article Pages 211-225
Joyce O. Olushola, D. Floyd Jones, Marlene A. Dixon, B. Christine Green

Happiness, pride and elite sporting success: What population segments gain most from national athletic achievements?
Original Research Article Pages 226-235
Kirstin Hallmann, Christoph Breuer, Benedikt Kühnreich

Major League Baseball and the Dominican Republic: What is in the best interest of the players?
Original Research Article Pages 236-250
Adrien Bouchet, Michael Troilo, Jon Welty Peachey

International Sport Management, 1st edition, M. Li, E.W. MacIntosh, G.A. Bravo. Human Kinetics, 1607 N. Market St., Champaign, IL 61820, USA (2012)
Book Review Pages 251-252
Trish Bradbury

Security Management for Sports and Special Events: An Interagency Approach to Creating Safe Facilities, first ed., S.A. Hall, W. Cooper, L. Marciani, J.A. McGee. Human Kinetics, 1607 N. Market St., Champaign, IL (2012), ISBN: 978-0-7360-7132-1
Book Review Pages 253-254
Lance C. Hatfield

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