Sport Management Review Volume 16, Issue 1, February 2013

smr_bigTheory and theory development in sport management
Review Article Pages 1-4
George B. Cunningham

Investing in sport management: The value of good theory
Review Article Pages 5-11
Alison Doherty

Get real: Using engagement with practice to advance theory transfer and production
Review Article Pages 12-16
Richard L. Irwin, Timothy D. Ryan

Theory development in sport management: My experience and other considerations
Review Article Pages 17-21
Janet S. Fink

A personal journey in theorizing in sport management
Review Article Pages 22-28
Packianathan Chelladurai

Cultural diversity in community sport: An ethnographic inquiry of Somali Australians’ experiences
Original Research Article Pages 29-40
Ramón Spaaij

Measuring season ticket holder satisfaction: Rationale, scale development and longitudinal validation
Original Research Article Pages 41-53
Heath McDonald, Adam J. Karg, Andrea Vocino

Analyzing the impact of sport infrastructure on sport participation using geo-coded data: Evidence from multi-level models
Original Research Article Pages 54-67
Pamela Wicker, Kirstin Hallmann, Christoph Breuer

Sport event innovativeness: Conceptualization, measurement, and its impact on consumer behavior
Original Research Article Pages 68-84
Masayuki Yoshida, Jeffrey D. James, J. Joseph Cronin Jr.

Predicting spectators’ behavioural intentions in professional football: The role of satisfaction and service quality
Original Research Article Pages 85-96
Nicholas D. Theodorakis, Kostas Alexandris, Nikolaos Tsigilis, Serafim Karvounis

A fuzzy inference system with application to player selection and team formation in multi-player sports
Original Research Article Pages 97-110
Madjid Tavana, Farshad Azizi, Farzad Azizi, Majid Behzadian

When professional athletes change sports: Sport development, sanctity of contract, and restraint of trade in the NRL
Original Research Article Pages 111-119
Sheranne Fairley, Kevin Snyder, Pamm Kellett, Brad Hill

Benchmark Games: The Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games, R. Cashman, S. Darcy. Walla Walla Press, PO Box 717, Petersham, NSW 2049 (2008), ISBN: 978-1876718-05-3
Book Review Pages 120-121
Richard McGrath

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