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online-editorSport&EU Review: Call for editors

After years of succesful job, the current editorial team of the Sport&EU Review, the association’s very own journal, is stepping down. The work of the team composed by Arne Niemann, Alexander Brand and Simon Licen has taken the Sport&EU review to a new level. It is now time to continue the journal’s development with a new team taking over from them. Sport&EU would like to thank Arne, Alexander and Simon for their hard work and dedication.

We are, therefore, seeking volunteers to take the role of Sport&EU editor(s). We are looking for committed and enthusiastic people, with an interest and knowledge in the area of Sport and the European Union. The candidates need to be fluent in English and proficient in the use of word-processing software. Having experience in editing an academic or professional publication would be an advantage. Similarly, knowledge of design and production software (eg.photoshop, in-design, etc) and/or  knowledge of web-publishing tools may be and advantage as well.

We would specially encourage female members of Sport&EU to apply for this position.

Interested candidates can apply individually or in teams of 2 and 3. Depending on the number of applications received, we will make a decission on how many editors to appoint, but we hope to have at least two editors onboard, so they can share the job.

Please submit a CV, a motivation letter and a statement outlining your plans for the Sport&EU Review over the next years, all by email to

Deadline is 10 July 2015
If you want to discuss informally the role of editors, please email

For more information on the application process, please go to our website:

Call for on-line editors / community manager

Having reached our 10th anniversary, the Association is looking to improve its online presence as another way of modernising and improving our work for the members in the future.

We are seeking to recruit one or several individuals to serve as online editors/community managers. This would entail to design and implement the association’s online strategy, in close coordination with the association board. We expect the online editors to be able to contribute to formulate the online strategy, as well as to participate in the re-design and management of the website, the use of the @sportandeu twitter handle and any other online presence that may be deemed necessary.

Thus, we are looking for enthusiastic and committed members who would like to help Sport&EU as we enter our second decade. These positions, like all the rest in Sport&EU, are voluntary and un-paid. We rely on the commitment of our members to be able to maintain and develop Sport&EU. We would specially encourage female and junior members to apply to this position.

We are looking for individuals that are fluent in English and familiar with on-line media management. Knowledge and experience in the design and management of websites (php, wordpress, etc) is necessary. Knowledge and experience in graphic design would be an advantage. In general, familiarity with on-line social networks, the particularities of online writing/posting and the ‘web 2.0’ would be required.

If you are interested and you want to contribute to the development of Sport&EU, please send a brief CV, a motivation letter and a statement outlining your vision for the association’s on-line strategy to

Please feel free to email us if you want to discuss this role or you need more information.

You can find more information in our website:

Deadline to receive applications and expressions of interest is 10 July 2015

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