Save the Dates | Sustainability and the impact on health and well-being, 10th Nordic Health Promotion Research Conference | June 14–16, 2023 at Halmstad University, Sweden

 Save these dates and deadlines 

      • Abstract submission opens: 15th of August 2022 
      • Abstract submission ends: 1th of November 2022 
      • Notification of acceptance: Middle of December 2022 
      • Early bird closes 3rd of March 2023 
      • Registration closes 15th of May 2023 

Conference theme:
Sustainability and the impact on health and well-being

The 10th Nordic Health Promotion Research Conference will focus on UN Agenda 2030 and the impact on health and well-being in the sustainability goals. The conference will emphasise Goal 3 – but also how it is impacting the other 16 goals. How can Agenda 2030 be understood from a health promotion perspective, and what efforts must be made to maintain sustainability beyond 2030?

The conference welcomes contributions on a wide array of topics within three subthemes: 

Social sustainability in relation to equal health and social justice

The first sub-theme for the conference will address the questions on sustainability from a critical welfare perspective and picks up from the previous conference on societal responsibility or individual obligation but stretches it further to emphasize the global scale of sustainability, as addressed in Agenda 2030. An intersectional perspective reveals how social determinants of health such as gender, age, class, ethnicity, disability, and sexuality are related. A crucial factor for social sustainability is equal health and social justice. Vulnerable groups such as migrants, children, or the elderly need particular attention to reach the global sustainable development goals articulated in Agenda 2030.

E-health and implementation of digital innovations for health promotion

This sub-theme relates to the development of e-health structures in society, the implementation of digital innovations for health promotion, and how they contribute to improved equality, efficiency, and quality in health and welfare services. E-health structures and practices (also including m-health) have become widely integrated into society and part of everyday life for most individuals in all age groups. A significant challenge of e-health and digital innovations for health promotion is transforming services, including dissemination and implementation in practice. Digital innovations need to ensure actual improvement, value, and empowerment for users to improve health and well-being in populations.

Sustainable health in physical activity and sport

The third sub-theme focuses on strategies that facilitate a health-promoting society where all people can be healthy and reach their full potential through participation in different organised and unorganised physical activity settings and activities. The sub-theme is also focused on sustainable participation in sport, including the role of sports clubs in physical activity promotion, physical activity promotion in the school context, and promoting physical activity as health promotive/illness preventive initiatives in different populations with a perspective on exercise and rehabilitation.

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