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    Call for Papers | “Constructing and Contesting Gender in Representational Practices of the Sporting Body”, Conference Panel | University of Potsdam, Germany, September 4–6, 2024. Call ends November 17,...

    This panel seeks to examine specifically how the representation of sporting bodies throughout the ages has contributed to the development and gendered understanding of particular sports cultures. The panel organisers therefore invite proposals exploring the representation of gender, its construction and/or contestation in a range of representational practices, including but not limited to: art, cinema, journalism, literature marketing, photography, print media, and social media. Proposals exploring any period of history, sport or geographic region are welcome.

    Call for Papers | 16th International Symposium for Olympic and Paralympic Research | University of Franche-Comté, Besançon, France, July 20–21, 2024. Call ends December 30, 2023

    Scholars, researchers, students and professionals interested in the sociocultural study of the modern Olympic and Paralympic Games are invited to submit abstracts for conterence presentations. Papers in the areas of history, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, political science, cultural studies and sport management, as well as other disciplines that contribute to the cultural understanding of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, are particularly encouraged. Proposals for thematic sessions are also invited.

    Call for Presentations | The Nordic­–Baltic Sports History Congress 2023 in Jyväskylä in Finland and on Zoom, December 8–9, 2023 | Call ends September 29, 2023

    We invite researchers and scholars to the congress to discuss and analyze the many perspectives of the history of sports. The thematic is free and we happily receive presentation offers. It is also possible to participate as audience. The congress language is English. The speeches are expected to be twenty minutes, and ten minutes are reserved for public discussion.

    Call for Papers | History, Sports, and Nationalism in Ghana/Africa, Zoom Conference | April 2024. Call ends July 30, 2023

    It is clear that all major scholarly works on sports history in Ghana are skewed heavily toward Azumah Nelson and boxing, to the neglect of other boxing greats, and with little or no attention to all the other sports in Ghana. Consequently, this project seeks to highlight and document the history of sports in Ghana and its contribution to economics, nationalism, and national development. Contributions must all be original research work following the strict rubric of research. We invite original research contributions to this project.

    Call for Participation | “The Representation of Race in Sports Journalism and Media”, the Sports Media Identity Network Conference #3 | Sheffield Hallam University, June 30, 2023

    Organised by the Sports Media Identity Network, this one-day conference will take place on Friday, 30th June 2023 at Sheffield Hallam University and will provide a platform for the mutual exchange of knowledge and insights between scholars from a range of disciplines and media and sport practitioners and stakeholders. The event is FREE but you must register as places are limited.

    Call for Papers | “Postcolonial Approaches to Play Theories and Practices”, the 6th International Philosophy at Play Conference | Complutense University, Madrid, June 3–5, 2024. Call ends October...

    For some time, we have been discussing questions of power and marginalization and of a relative absence in the conferences regarding the philosophical perspectives of the disempowered. This Conference therefore aims to offer a space for dialogue around and across relations of oppression, marginalization and erasure that we hope can get us beyond the dangers of appropriation and exploitation.

    Save the Dates | Sustainability and the impact on health and well-being, 10th Nordic Health Promotion Research Conference | June 14–16, 2023 at Halmstad University, Sweden

    The 10th Nordic Health Promotion Research Conference will focus on UN Agenda 2030 and the impact on health and well-being in the sustainability goals. The conference will emphasise Goal 3 – but also how it is impacting the other 16 goals. How can Agenda 2030 be understood from a health promotion perspective, and what efforts must be made to maintain sustainability beyond 2030?

    Call for Papers | Sport and sustainability. NEON Conference Track | Lillehammer, Norway, November 24–26, 2021. Call ends August 31, 2021

    In this session, we aim at finding out more about the role of sport organisations for creating a sustainable future. We invite contributors to submit abstracts from research in sports within various contexts. Contributions applying various perspectives in the research on social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainability are welcome. Contributions can be submitted in a Scandinavian language and English. The session managers are open to host the track in both languages.

    Call for Papers | “Organizing and Ownership in Professional Sport – Nordic Focus” – Track 6.5 at the 26th Nordic Academy of Management Conference | Örebro University School of...

    While there is literature on the role of sport professionals (i.e. athletes, managers, club owners, sport scientists and psychologists, coaching staff etc.) in today’s sports industry, there seem to be less evidence in the existing literature on the significance and role of organizing/organization and professional ownership in sport, particularly in the Nordic region. This track invites theoretical and empirical studies, with several sub-topics in the field of sport management organization and ownership.

    Call for Papers | Sport, Animals, & Ethics Conference | Online conference, hosted by the University of New Brunswick & Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, May 25–29, 2021. Call...

    We invite a multidisciplinary audience. Those with expertise in philosophy, ethics, environmentalism, law, sport, recreation, leisure, and other fields are encouraged to participate with the understanding that the conference theme is focused on ethics and the interplay of sports and animals. Submissions are welcome from all academics, including graduate students and freelance writers. 
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