Psychology of Sport and Exercise Vol. 15, Issue 1, January 2014

pse300Highlighted articles

Testing mediator variables in a physical activity intervention for women with type 2 diabetes
Original Research Article Pages 1-8
Ronald C. Plotnikoff, David R. Lubans, Chris M. Penfold, Kerry S. Courneya

The impact of sport and physical activity on the well-being of combat veterans: A systematic review
Review Article Pages 9-18
Nick Caddick, Brett Smith

“You throw like a girl:” The effect of stereotype threat on women’s athletic performance and gender stereotypes
Original Research Article Pages 48-55
Kimberly Hively, Amani El-Alayli

Development and preliminary validation of the mindfulness inventory for sport
Original Research Article Pages 72-80
Emilie Thienot, Ben Jackson, James Dimmock, J. Robert Grove, Marjorie Bernier, Jean F. Fournier

Does initial behavior predict our physical fitness and health 18 years later?
Original Research Article Pages 81-88
Lena Lämmle, Darko Jekauc, Alexander Woll, Susanne Tittlbach, Klaus Bös

Sport psychology

The influence of attentional focus on the development of skill representation in a complex action
Original Research Article Pages 30-38
William M. Land, Cornelia Frank, Thomas Schack

Social identity and prosocial and antisocial behavior in youth sport
Original Research Article Pages 56-64
Mark W. Bruner, Ian D. Boardley, Jean Côté

A qualitative investigation of the motivational climate in elite sport (Open Access)
Original Research Article Pages 97-107
Richard J. Keegan, Chris G. Harwood, Christopher M. Spray, David Lavallee

Disability, inclusive adventurous training and adapted sport: Two soldiers’ stories of involvement
Original Research Article Pages 124-131
David Carless, Andrew C. Sparkes, Kitrina Douglas, Carlton Cooke

Self-talk and softball performance: The role of self-talk nature, motor task characteristics, and self-efficacy in novice softball players
Original Research Article Pages 139-145
Yu-Kai Chang, Li-An Ho, Frank Jing-Horng Lu, Ching-Chieh Ou, Tai-Feng Song, Diane L. Gill

Exercise psychology

Goal contents, motivation, psychological need satisfaction, well-being and physical activity: A test of self-determination theory over 6 months
Original Research Article Pages 19-29
Katie E. Gunnell, Peter R.E. Crocker, Diane E. Mack, Philip M. Wilson, Bruno D. Zumbo

Proneness for exercise, cognitive and psychophysiological consequences of action observation
Original Research Article Pages 39-47
P.A. Oliveira, D. Araújo, A.M. Abreu

Validation of physical activity habit strength with subjective and objective criterion measures
Original Research Article Pages 65-71
Julia Thurn, Emily Finne, Mirko Brandes, Jens Bucksch

“Pay the piper”: It helps initially, but motivation takes a toll on self-control
Original Research Article Pages 89-96
Jeffrey D. Graham, Steven R. Bray, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis

Effects of exercise self-schema on reactions to self-relevant feedback
Original Research Article Pages 108-115
Fabienne Ennigkeit, Frank Hänsel

Defining features of unhealthy exercise associated with disordered eating and eating disorder diagnoses
Original Research Article Pages 116-123
Lauren A. Holland, Tiffany A. Brown, Pamela K. Keel

On the role of lyrics in the music–exercise performance relationship
Original Research Article Pages 132-138
Xavier Sanchez, Samantha L. Moss, Craig Twist, Costas I. Karageorghis

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