Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism, Volume 23, Issue 2

pjst-dsSport and Tourism Between Modernity and Postmodernity
Lenartowicz, Michał / Isidori, Emanuele / Maussier, Barbara
Page 65

Impact of Regulation Change on Half-Court Offence in the Polish Basketball League
Gryko, Karol / Słupczyński, Bogusław / Kopiczko, Anna
Page 70

An Examination of Approach Run Kinematics in Track and Field Jumping Events
Makaruk, Hubert / Porter, Marak / Starzak, Marcin / Szymczak, Edward
Page 82

Influence of Nordic Walking Training on Muscle Strength and the Electromyographic Activity of the Lower Body in Women With Low Bone Mass
Ossowski, Zbigniew / Liedtke, Ewelina / Siemieniuk, Katarzyna / Szydłowska, Sandra / Sakowski, Piotr / Skrobot, Wojciech
Page 88

Sensation Seeking as one of the Motivating Factors for Performing Skydiving
Bołdak, Agnieszka / Guszkowska, Monika
Page 94

Case Study Regarding the Interests and Leisure Practices of Persons Aged 50 and over in Saint-Léonard, Suburb of Montreal: Seniors Vs. Baby Boomers
Roult, Romain / Carbonneau, Hélène / Adjizian, Jean-Marc / Belley-Ranger, Émilie
Page 99

Why do People Attend Sport Events at Mature Tourist Destinations? An Analysis of Visitors’ Motivation to Attend the Windsurf World Cup on Sylt
Könecke, Thomas / Kwiatkowski, Grzegorz
Page 104

Measuring Fielding Performance in Cricket
Shah, Parag
Page 113

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