Physical Culture and Sport. Studies and Research Volume 58, Issue 1

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pcssr-dsRhythmic Gymnastics vs. Boxing: Gender Stereotypes From the Two Poles of Female Sport
Béki, Piroska / Gál, Andrea
Page 5

Tourism Activities of Deaf Poles
Zajadacz, Alina / Śniadek, Joanna
Page 17

Models of Development and Management of Brazilian University Sports: An Interpretation according to its Relationship with the State
Starepravo, Fernando Augusto / Souza, Juliano de / Marchi Júnior, Wanderley
Page 33

Examining the Levels of Self-Leadership Perceptions of University Student- Athletes in Terms of Sociodemographic Characteristics
Türköz, Tolga / Mutlu, T. Osman / Tabak, Akif / Erdoğan, Murat
Page 43

Quality of Life Indicators of University Students in Hungary
Edvy, László
Page 53

Life After a Sports Career: the Case of Polish Ex-fencers
Kucharska, Agata / Witold Kłopot, Stanisław
Page 61

Bernard Shaw’s Admirable Bashville: Playwright and Prizefighter
Knijnik, Jorge / Petersen, Bob
Page 76

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