Performance Enhancement & Health Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2014

peh-dsImplications of past, present and future performance enhancing technologies
Editorial, Pages 59-60

The interactive effect of industrial noise type, level and frequency characteristics on occupational skills
Original Research Article, Pages 61-65
Parvin Nassiri, Mohammad Reza Monazzam, Mehdi Asghari, Seyed Abolfazl Zakerian, Somayeh Farhang Dehghan, Behzad Folladi, Kamal Azam

Perceptions of assisted cognitive and sport performance enhancement among university students in England
Original Research Article, Pages 66-77
Elisabeth Julie Vargo, Ricky A. James, Kofi Agyeman, Thomas MacPhee, Ross McIntyre, Flaminia Ronca, Andrea Petróczi

An unhealthy glow? A review of melanotan use and associated clinical outcomes
Original Research Article, Pages 78-92
Rebekah Brennan, John G. Wells, Marie Claire Van Hout

Coach perceptions of performance enhancement in adolescence: The sport drug control model for adolescent athletes
Original Research Article, Pages 93-101
Adam R. Nicholls, John L. Perry, Andrew R. Levy, Rudi Meir, Leigh Jones, Timothy Baghurst, Colin Sanctuary, Mark A. Thompson

The importance of understanding motives for prescription substance use and misuse in sport
Pages 102-104
Matthew Dunn

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