Performance Enhancement & Health Vol. 2, Issue 2, June 2013

peh-dsRegulating non-performance enhancing substances in sport
Pages 37-38
Jason Mazanov

INHDR statement on regulating non-performance enhancing drugs in sport
Pages 39-40
International Network of Humanistic Doping Research (INHDR)

Recreational drug use and sport: Time for a WADA rethink?
Original Research Article Pages 41-47
Ivan Waddington, Ask Vest Christiansen, John Gleaves, John Hoberman, Verner Møller

Coherence of drug policy in sports: Illicit inclusions and illegal inconsistencies
Original Research Article Pages 48-55
Kathryn Henne, Benjamin Koh, Vanessa McDermott

Comment on Henne, Koh and McDermott
Pages 56-57
Ivan Waddington, Ask Vest Christiansen, John Gleaves, John Hoberman, Verner Møller

Commentary: Rethinking WADA: What exactly are we reconsidering?
Pages 58-59
Kathryn Henne, Benjamin Koh, Vanessa McDermott

Illicit drugs: WADA and the need for policy reform
Pages 60-61
Daryl Adair

Expansion beyond reason: WADA surveillance and sanction should not concern itself with non-sporting social issues and public health
Pages 62-63
Ross Coomber

Commentary: Ending the ban on recreational substance use in sport: And then what?
Pages 64-65
Matthew Dunn

Enhancing WADAs response to illicit drugs in sport – A view from sport psychology
Pages 66-67
Denis Hauw

Flawed reasoning for testing for recreational drugs in anti-doping
Pages 68-69
Bengt Kayser, Patrick O’Hare

Should WADA remove the illicit drugs from the prohibited list?
Pages 70-71
Vanessa Lentillon-Kaestner

Screening for recreational drugs in sports. Balance between fair competition and private life
Pages 72-73
Giuseppe Lippi, Camilla Mattiuzzi

The spirit of sport?
Pages 74-75
Stephen Moston

A re-think on drug policy in sport requires an enhanced conception of enhancement
Pages 76-77
Brad Partridge

Commentary: Anti-doping in sport – What is WADA’s mandate?
Pages 78-79
Graeme Steel

Vale WADA, ave “World Sports Drug Agency”
Pages 80-83
Jason Mazanov

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