Performance Enhancement & Health Vol. 2, Issue 3, September 2013


Overcoming the dark side of performance enhancement
Pages 85-86
Jason Mazanov


Pressures to perform: An interview study of Australian high performance school-age athletes’ perceptions of balancing their school and sporting lives
Original Research Article, Pages 87-93
Maureen O’Neill, Bill Allen, Angela M. Calder

Discourses of performance enhancement: Can we separate performance enhancement from performance enhancing drug use?
Review Article, Pages 94-100
Simon M. Outram

Audio assistive technology and accommodations for students with visual impairments: Potentials and problems for delivering curricula and educational assessments
Original Research Article, Pages 101-109
Michael A. Nees, Lauren F. Berry

Substance use to enhance academic performance among Australian university students
Original Research Article, Pages 110-118
Jason Mazanov, Matthew Dunn, James Connor, Mai-Lee Fielding

To dope or not to dope: Elite athletes’ perceptions of doping deterrents and incentives
Original Research Article, Pages 119-134
Marie Overbye, Mette Lykke Knudsen, Gertrud Pfister

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