Newsletter from International Network of Humanistic Doping Research (INHDR)

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  • INHDR Editorial, written by Ask Vest Christiansen, Aarhus University and John Gleaves, California State University, Fullerton. Read the editorial
  • INHDR 2013 conference will be held in Aarhus on 15-16 August under the theme: “What do we (really) know about doping”. Read more about the conference’s keynote speakers.
  • Call for Papers: The INHDR is now accepting abstract submissions for consideration for presentation at the 2013 INHDR Conference. Go to the call for papers.
  • The Lance Bomb – commentary: “The Lance Bomb” written by Jason Mazanov, UNSW-Canberra, Australia. Read the commentary.
  • What do we really learn from the history of anti-doping? Commentary: “What do we really learn from the history of anti-doping? On the process of constantly increasing restriction and control” written by Marcel Reinold, University of Muenster, Germany. Read the commentary.


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