Kinesiology Review, Volume 7, 2018, Issue 3: The Legacy of Catherine D. Ennis


Introduction to the Special Issue: The Legacy of Catherine D. Ennis
Melinda A. Solmon and Stephen Silverman


Value Orientation Inventory: Development, Applications, and Contributions
Weimo Zhu and Ang Chen

The Legacy and Influence of Catherine D. Ennis’s Value Orientations Research
Matthew D. Curtner-Smith, Deborah. S. Baxter, and Leah K. May

Using Theory to Guide Research: Applications of Constructivist and Social Justice Theories
K. Andrew R. Richards, Kim C. Graber, and Amelia Mays Woods

Student Learning in Physical Education Through the Lens of a “Curriculum Specialist”
Senlin Chen and Alex Garn

Reconceptualizing Physical Education Curricula to Meet the Needs of All Students
Melinda A. Solmon

Curriculum Intervention Research as a Source of Knowledge of Most Worth
Ang Chen, Senlin Chen

Creating Powerful Curricula for Student Learning in Physical Education: Contributions of Catherine D. Ennis
Haichun Sun and Tan Zhang

Large-Scale Physical Education Interventions: Past, Present, and Future
Darla M. Castelli and Ang Chen


Cathy Ennis, A Colleague and Friend
Jane E. Clark and Bradley D. Hatfield

Catherine Ennis Shaped My Career and My Life
Pamela Hodges Kulinna

Remembering Cathy Ennis: The Mentor
Ang Chen

Cathy Ennis: Reflections on Our Collaboration and Friendship
Stephen Silverman

Cathy Ennis—A Master Gardener of Plants and Scholarship
Melinda A. Solmon

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