Journal of Sports Economics, Vol. 23, 2022, No. 6 | 20th Anniversary of Journal of Sports Economics


Anniversary Issue: Editor’s Introduction
Dennis Coates


The Journal of Sports Economics: 20 Years and Counting
Leo H. Kahane

The Who and the What of the Journal of Sports Economics – 20th Anniversary Edition
Carlos Gomez-Gonzalez, Julio del Corral, and Plácido Rodríguez

Oldies but Goldies! Twenty Years After, the Journal of Sports Economics at a Crossroads?
Wladimir Andreff

Professional Labor Markets in the Journal of Sports Economics
Rob Simmons

Stadium Attendance Demand Research: A Scoping Review
Dominik Schreyer and Payam Ansari

Contest Outcome Uncertainty and Fan Decisions: A Meta-Analysis
Clay Collins and Brad R. Humphreys

“The Baseball Players’ Labor Market” by Simon Rottenberg (1916–2004), published in Journal of Political Economy Vol. 64, No. 3 (June, 1956), is considered to be the first academic text dealing with economic aspects of sports, and so initiating a field of study that 65 years later is an important part of sport studies.

Rottenberg at Sixty-Five: In Honor of the 20th Anniversary of the Journal of Sports Economics
Rodney Fort

Sports Economics on Trial: Alston v. NCAA
Roger G. Noll

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