Journal of Sport Management Volume 28, Issue 2

jsm_bigExamining the Longitudinal Structure, Stability, and Dimensional Interrelationships of Team Identification
pp. 119 – 135
Daniel Lock, Daniel C. Funk, Jason P. Doyle, Heath McDonald

Racial Tasking and the College Quarterback: Redefining the Stacking Phenomenon
pp. 136 – 142
Trevor Bopp, Michael Sagas

Organizational Redirection in Highly Bureaucratic Environments: De-Escalation of Commitment Among Division I Athletic Departments
pp. 143 – 161
Michael Hutchinson, Adrien Bouchet

Civic Paternalism in Political Policymaking: The Public Justification for No-Vote Stadium Subsidies
pp. 162 – 175
Timothy B. Kellison, Michael Mondello

Coverage of the Gay Games From 1980-2012 in U.S. Newspapers: An Analysis of Newspaper Article Framing
pp. 176 – 188
Soonhwan Lee, Seungmo Kim, Adam Love

Who are the Champions? Using a Multilevel Model to Examine Perceptions of Employee Support for LGBT-Inclusion in Sport Organizations
pp. 189 – 206
E. Nicole Melton, George B. Cunningham

The Freedom to Choose: Elite Female Athletes’ Preferred Representations Within Endorsement Opportunities
pp. 207 – 219
Janet S. Fink, Mary Jo Kane, Nicole M. LaVoi

Investigating a Coed Sport’s Ability to Encourage Inclusion and Equality
pp. 220 – 235
Adam Cohen, E. Nicole Melton, Jon Welty Peachey

Maximizing Youth Experiences in Community Sport Settings: The Design and Impact of the LiFE Sports Camp
pp. 236 – 249
Dawn Anderson-Butcher, Allison Riley, Anthony Amorose, Aidyn Iachini, Rebecca Wade-Mdivanian

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